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July 31st, 2022

Restoring the Paths — Repairing the Breaches

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Isaiah’s Message of Hope

The prophet Isaiah wrote to encourage the people of God with a message of hope in restoring the paths and rebuilding the ruins. This was all predicated on the people returning to God and re-establishing justice based on the truth of scripture. History offers us the examples of those who put the pursuit of the truth and doing what was right, ahead of personal ambition or ideology. General Robert E. Lee was such a person, one who was willing to suffer, if need be, to do what was right and honourable. He was willing to act without pride, and to do what was best for his people in suing for peace, instead of pursuing a protracted guerrilla war. What about us? Are we restoring the path and repairing the breaches?


July 21st, 2022

In the Lord’s Service — Freedom and Duty

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Are we willingly engaged in the Lord’s service? We are free to choose who we will serve, but we will serve someone or something. We have many examples of compelled service in scripture, as often the people of God lived under oppressive governments with laws that included forced labour. God on the other hand, gives us freedom to choose. He asks those who serve him to do so willingly, even joyfully. He wants his people to be conscientious and motivated by love to serve voluntarily and not out of compulsion. It is important to God that our service is whole-hearted and flows from a desire to follow Christ’s example of service to others. More

July 17th, 2022

Our Messiah — Humanity’s Hope

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Many religions talk of the coming of a Messiah. But often the view whether biblical or secular, is limited in scope. People are looking for a charismatic individual to save them from their plight and the heavy-handed rule of tyrants or foreign powers. And though the Messiah of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures will come to deliver the oppressed, to rule over the nations, and to establish justice, he was anointed to perform an even greater mission. Do you know who the Messiah is, the mission he was given, and how he will fulfill his destiny ? More

July 11th, 2022

Enemies: Dealing with the Adversaries

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Jesus had enemies, those who hated his message and denied his authority to speak for God. And those who follow in Jesus’ footsteps as his disciples will also need to deal with enemies. Yet, ultimately, Jesus, the Lord of Lords, will return and when he does his adversaries will attempt to fight against him. But the Lord of Hosts will defeat those who hate him and remain hostile to his way of life. The Lord will destroy all of his enemies, but this is only the final chapter in a long history.
So what about now? And what about us? What should our attitude and approach be when it comes to our adversaries?
The scriptures provide ample guidance. More

July 4th, 2022

Christ — Who is Your Rock?

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Where do You Find Stability?

Who is Your Rock? When it comes to security and safety, the bible uses the metaphor of building on the Rock, instead of sand or gravel. Over the past decade people in a variety of places around the world have experienced disastrous consequences for having built on sand. At these locations in times of earthquake, buildings, roads and bridges have been destroyed due to liquefaction of the underlying sand or silt. This has had huge costs in terms of lives lost and infrastructure damaged. Spiritually speaking, if we build on sand – worthless and shifting ideologies — when tectonic social or political shifts occur, the result is personal disaster. So are we building on the Rock or on sand? More

June 18th, 2022

The Father — Providing the Foundation of Enduring Societies

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The Foundation of Enduring Societies


Respectful obedience to honourable parents formed the cornerstone in many harmonious, prosperous communities and the foundation of enduring societies.The importance of honouring father and mother was embedded from the beginning in God’s divine directives.

Abram — the exalted Father — was promised the blessing of children, but he did not receive it immediately. It was only after experiencing 24 years of challenges that Abram was blessed miraculously with his son Isaac. But those years of hardship and the challenges of managing a large clan and walking with God in tough times had been a test. More

June 5th, 2022

Pentecost – Living Pure Lives through the Spirit

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Pentecost 2022A Common Thread

The Feast of Pentecost looks forward to the time prophesied by Malachi and it looks back to the giving of the law at Sinai. But there is a common thread. God is looking for the pure in heart to worship him. On occasion, God does break into history as he did when he spoke the commandments from the top of the mountain.  But at the future time prophesied by Malachi, only the pure will be able to face the Lord when he returns to the earth.
So, what is that pure heart that the Lord God appreciates? More