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February 10th, 2024

Faithful Marriage in a Faithless Age

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The scriptures, though written millennia ago, offer us solid advice on how to face life’s challenges. Consider the wisdom that Paul offered Titus on the roles of men and women in marriage — advice that has stood the test of time. Or delve into Luke’s story of Jesus and what it means to be ‘submissive’ in our relationships.
Our world has largely forsaken the sound counsel that Paul gave to the Ephesians about husbands and wives willingly assuming and fulfilling their God-ordained roles in the family in accordance with God’s plan. But we can take up this challenge! More

February 3rd, 2024

Stressed — God’s Solution

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When faced with bad news, disastrous events or condition, our fear of the uncertainties of our situation whether personal or societal, can create in us a stress response of anxiety, frustration, anger, or despair.
We may not be able to escape these situations that cause us ‘distress.’ But we have the free will to help us reframe how we view these stressors and focus on godly priorities.
Of course even medical science knows that unmitigated stress can produce hormonal changes that cause mental conditions like depression or physical conditions like high blood pressure. So to live the abundant life God intends for us, we must deal effectively with the stress in our life. More

January 30th, 2024

Who Are You — What is Your Identity

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Our world likes to label people in ways that cause division. Society would define you and assign you your identity according to its values.
But this is not the way God defines us! If we have come into a relationship with God we are no longer viewed according to our gender, our status in society, or our ethnic heritage. Rather we have been given a new identity as children of God. In God’s family we are all ‘one’ and not divided by our physical heritage or characteristics. For God places no value on our wealth, prowess, worldly wisdom or noble status. In fact, God makes it plain that he has chosen those the world rejects and despises. More

January 21st, 2024

Avoiding the Traps of the Self-Righteous

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Our age is not unlike that of Jesus’ time and he warned us to avoid the traps of the self-righteous. The ‘Wokies’ of today, like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, reject God’s standards in favour of their own redefining of what is right or wrong. They have taken a ‘holier-than-thou’ self-righteous approach that has abandoned the faith and morality of scripture and is intolerant of anyone who does not accept their new orthodoxy.
And yet, the scripture provides examples of Pharisees who took a stand rejecting the majority view and embracing the truth that Jesus’ taught.
How would Jesus react to the Woke leaders of western society? More

January 14th, 2024

Are You Walking with God?

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The bible teaches an amazing truth that the Creator, The Word, became a man and in so doing has made it possible for his followers to have a hope of eternal life with him.
Yet there are many in the world of religion that deny this basic teaching of scripture and instead , like the Pharisees of Jesus day, they have set up their own religious standards.
God on the other had has told us that he is looking for justice, loving kindness, and humility in walking with him. So what does it mean to “walk with God?” How do we walk with anyone?
The basics should be obvious. We must agree to walk to together, we must have the same destination in mind, and we must walk at the same pace being considerate of each other.
But beyond these rudimentary principles God gives us what he expects of those who walk with him. More

January 10th, 2024

Are You Awake to God’s Promises?

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Are you awake to what God will be doing in the coming year? There are those who espouse ‘Christianity’ who do not believe that God will keep his promises. Or perhaps they think that the prophecies were already completed in some historical past. Do you know what God says and do you trust him to be the same yesterday, today and forever?
In a time of asymmetrical warfare our Western Democracies are under great strain. We need to ask ourselves whether our current dilemmas are the result of having forgotten God’s ways so that instead of walking fearlessly on his straight path we are stumbling in the darkness. Jesus warned about the false prophets caught up in their faulty predictions of the future, while also reminding us of the need to be prepared for his return – a return that will surely come.
So do we believe that God will yet fulfill the prophecies that he delivered to his people over the centuries – More

December 30th, 2023

Still Faithful after All these Years

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In our lifetime we have experienced conditions that were prophesied by Paul, Jude and Peter. We have lived through the rise and collapse of church organizations often the result of infighting, divisions and discontent among elders and brethren. It is at such times, when the church institutions and the world around us is crumbling into chaos, that we need to reflect on those foundational concepts that help us to continue to walk in faith with God.
Here are some questions to ponder:
Are we thoroughly grounded in the scripture with a sure knowledge of the conditions in the ‘latter days’ so we will not be overthrown in times of apostasy?
Are we standing firm in the truth so we will not be deceived by the ungodly, no matter what ‘miracles’ they claim to perform?
Are we committed to God and acting sincerely and without hypocrisy so that we are living our faith and patiently growing in love?
Are we convicted of the assurances that God gives us that blessings will come if we are walking with our Shepherd as he leads us in the good way?
Is our hope in God’s promised gift of eternal life unshakeable, and does it motivate us to do the good works that the Father has called us to perform?
Take a few minutes to join us and consider the words of exhortation from the scriptures that will help us in our walk of faith. More