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March 5th, 2022

Nature of Lies — Deceivers and the Deceived

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What is the nature of lies and why do people tell and believe lies? The scriptures give us keen insights into this issue. The Lord God of Israel,  is a place of refuge and a compassionate and just judge. However,  he hates and promises to eventually eliminate those who are false witnesses — the liars. He hates those whose lying lips are a testimony to their arrogance and contempt for God and those they deceive.

People lie for many reasons, from avoiding punishment to trying to please others and gain status or to control and manipulate. The scriptures provide cautionary tales to help us recognize and avoid the liars and their lies. What the liars and those caught up in their lies do not perceive is that lies have unavoidable negative consequences. It is only the truth, alethea, the true nature of reality that is able to point us in the right direction and help us avoid deception’s painful outcomes. More

February 26th, 2022

Adversity — Persevere in a Time of Trouble

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A Message of Hope in Troubled Times

The prophet Isaiah gives us hope beyond the present adversity and a vision of the future when the Lord of Lords will reign in justice and truth. Meanwhile, we need to look to the scripture to understand God’s view on persevering through times of adversity. God did not promise his followers a life of ease, but rather he gives us the hope of the strength and wisdom to make good decisions in times of trouble. Jesus’ Olivet prophecy, and his instructions to his disciples provide a snapshot of the kind of trouble we will need to face. But God also provides hope and encouragement for the present and promises of a bright future for those who trust in him. More

February 19th, 2022

Jeremiah the Prophet’s Message for Rulers and Citizens

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Jeremiah the Prophet Speaks to Us

God has a message for those who would take up the mantle of leadership of God’s people. It is not a comforting message. God is testing all of his people to discern whether they will listen to his counsel or not.
Jeremiah the prophet, in a time of great national turmoil, was given a message to deliver to the people. God likened the nation to two baskets of figs, one was good and the other was rotten. God explains how he would preserve the good figs, those who trusted him and did what was right. He also warned the ‘rotten figs’ that unless they changed their corrupt, self-serving ways they would be destroyed.
There are lessons today for those in positions of leadership who are building their ‘palaces’ with slave labour, abusing their people and defying God’s will. There is also a message of hope for those who trust God and follow his teachings. It is time we all consider where we stand and how God will work in our lives.

January 8th, 2022

Angels — Fact and Fantasy

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Angels — God’s Messengers

There is a growing fascination with angels and much of it is based on fantasy and not fact. In scripture the birth of Samson, John the Baptist, and Jesus were all foretold by angels. Angels played an important role as messengers delivering God’s word and revealing his will to his people. But there was also a trap, a danger that Paul and Peter warned about, for there were those in their time who began to worship angels. So what does scripture tell us about the nature of angels. Do people become angels? Or does God have a plan for humanity that surpasses that of the angelic hosts? What is the spiritual reality? More

January 8th, 2022

Old Heresies & New Revivals – Dead Sea Scrolls

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When the Past is never Really Past

Heresies seem to be the norm in history. And according to John’s writings old errors and deceptions are recycled into ‘new’ heresies. That is why he told his readers to ‘test he spirits’ as there would be false teachers promoting false doctrines. Paul also counselled believers to ‘test all things’ and not be gullible, falling prey to old heresies that were dressed up as new truth. Jesus warned of powerful deceptions that would test the ‘very elect.’ But he also provided a guide that could be used to determine whether some idea was true or heretical.

During Jesus’ ministry there were many sectarian groups, and one with considerable influence was the ‘Yahad’ of the Qumran community. In the writings of Jesus and his disciples we are given many examples that directly contradict the heresies that this sect of Judaism were teaching in the first century. Learn more about these heresies in history and their effect on modern Christianity. What was old is new.

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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.



January 8th, 2022

A New Social Order – Chanukah & Maccabees 2

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The Maccabees Lessons for Our Time

Believers in all ages have faced the challenge of resisting the zeitgeist of their time. In order to enter the ‘narrow gate’ God’s people often had to refuse the allure of the broad path that the society was following – a path that would eventually lead to destruction. And yet how easy it would be to just ‘go with the flow’ and adopt the practices, approaches, and societal norms. The history of the Maccabees teaches God’s people many lessons about how to avoid the ditches of compromise and complacency. The hellenistic forces of the time were mandating the renunciation of biblical values, but there were those faithful few who held tightly to the truth and did not compromise with their God-given spiritual heritage. Are we following in their footsteps?

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November 28th, 2021

Wisdom to Stand in Perilous Times – Chanukah 1

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wisdom to stand in the lightWisdom and the Word

From the beginning, The Word of God has given his people the wisdom to stand against opposition and the powers of darkness. At creation, the Lord God’s wisdom brought light to cast out the darkness. Through wisdom the Lord created the world, the sea, and the sun and stars to shed light on the earth. It has always been the Lord who has provided light and life. And though those in darkness may try to understand they cannot because they reject the Lord who is the source of light, They may even try to overpower the light of life but they cannot. In the end it is the Lord who will defeat the darkness by his wisdom. So do we have the wisdom to stand with the Lord of light, and hold-out against the darkness that may surround us? More