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February 10th, 2024

Faithful Marriage in a Faithless Age

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The scriptures, though written millennia ago, offer us solid advice on how to face life’s challenges. Consider the wisdom that Paul offered Titus on the roles of men and women in marriage — advice that has stood the test of time. Or delve into Luke’s story of Jesus and what it means to be ‘submissive’ in our relationships.
Our world has largely forsaken the sound counsel that Paul gave to the Ephesians about husbands and wives willingly assuming and fulfilling their God-ordained roles in the family in accordance with God’s plan. But we can take up this challenge! We can mindfully put off our carnal nature and put on the mind of God so we can grow in spiritual maturity and do the good work God wants us to do in our families.

Marriage is a complex and profound relationship. So it is no wonder that God speaks through his Word to give us insight into this most meaningful of relationships. So how are we doing in our marriage? Or if you are hoping to marry, what type of person do you need to become? The apostles Peter and Paul provide a good checklist of characteristics that would help us in this important task of self-reflection. God is working in us to achieve his purpose, so are we putting in the effort we need to in our families to actively walk together with Christ? Are we divorce-proofing our marriage by building each other up and living in harmony while consciously submitting to God’s plan for our lives?
Learn more to help you in your walk with God by viewing the video.

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