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February 3rd, 2024

Stressed — God’s Solution

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When faced with bad news, disastrous events or condition, our fear of the uncertainties of our situation whether personal or societal, can create in us a stress response of anxiety, frustration, anger, or despair.
We may not be able to escape these situations that cause us ‘distress.’ But we have the free will to help us reframe how we view these stressors and focus on godly priorities.
Of course even medical science knows that unmitigated stress can produce hormonal changes that cause mental conditions like depression or physical conditions like high blood pressure. So to live the abundant life God intends for us, we must deal effectively with the stress in our life.
God did not promise a stress-free existence, rather he assured those who followed him that they would face all of life’s challenges. But there would be a difference between those who face stresses without God’s vision and those who understand God’s purpose in their lives.
Many of the biblical writers encourage us to know that God knows and appreciates our situation whatever the circumstances might be that are stressing us. His love for his children is unwavering and his commitment to our ultimate good is steadfast. He is able to free us from our fears and provide our every need.
So then the question becomes one of, ‘What must we do and what is God’s counsel to those who are in the midst of suffering and stressful situations?’
The scriptures offer sound advice.

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