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January 30th, 2024

Who Are You — What is Your Identity

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Our world likes to label people in ways that cause division. Society would define you and assign you your identity according to its values.
But this is not the way God defines us! If we have come into a relationship with God we are no longer viewed according to our gender, our status in society, or our ethnic heritage. Rather we have been given a new identity as children of God. In God’s family we are all ‘one’ and not divided by our physical heritage or characteristics. For God places no value on our wealth, prowess, worldly wisdom or noble status. In fact, God makes it plain that he has chosen those the world rejects and despises. God has called into his family those the world considers to be foolish and weak and yet they are the ones who will achieve God’s great purpose.
So God identifies his children as those who listen to him and follow Jesus Christ their Messiah. It is they who will make a suitable dwelling place for God in their lives by their willingness to grow in spiritual maturity and serve God’s purpose.
So what is that purpose? How is that purpose tied to the new way and new identity that God gives to his people? The apostle Paul wrote extensively about God’s perspectives on these matters so we all could be encouraged and have the patience and confidence we need to face life’s challenges. Let’s examine Paul’s life so we might consider how it is that when we are weak God can make us strong to do his will.

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