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December 30th, 2023

Still Faithful after All these Years

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In our lifetime we have experienced conditions that were prophesied by Paul, Jude and Peter. We have lived through the rise and collapse of church organizations often the result of infighting, divisions and discontent among elders and brethren. It is at such times, when the church institutions and the world around us is crumbling into chaos, that we need to reflect on those foundational concepts that help us to continue to walk in faith with God.
Here are some questions to ponder:
Are we thoroughly grounded in the scripture with a sure knowledge of the conditions in the ‘latter days’ so we will not be overthrown in times of apostasy?
Are we standing firm in the truth so we will not be deceived by the ungodly, no matter what ‘miracles’ they claim to perform?
Are we committed to God and acting sincerely and without hypocrisy so that we are living our faith and patiently growing in love?
Are we convicted of the assurances that God gives us that blessings will come if we are walking with our Shepherd as he leads us in the good way?
Is our hope in God’s promised gift of eternal life unshakeable, and does it motivate us to do the good works that the Father has called us to perform?
Take a few minutes to join us and consider the words of exhortation from the scriptures that will help us in our walk of faith.

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