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December 23rd, 2023

Coming to God Against His Will?

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Paul in writing to Timothy warned against becoming one of those people who had once believed but had turned away from the faith because they had been misled by hypocritical religious leaders. Recently, a major ‘Christian’ denomination has moved from the doctrinal position of ‘God does not bless sin’ to a more politically acceptable stance of ‘God does not turn away anyone.” These are irreconcilable concepts. In fact, this antinomian reasoning seems to fall into the category of the ‘way of Balaam’ that Peter and John told believers to avoid. So what was Balaam’s way and why is it still so destructive? What did that ancient soothsayer do and how is his example instructive to Christians who desire to walk with God?
This story has a lot to say about understanding God’s will, who is able to have a relationship with him and what must motivate our thought and action. Many Christians do not know what the scriptures say about what it means to love God or accomplish his will? They want to come to God, but they do not acknowledge the scriptures that reveal how we must love God, what it means to obey him, and under what conditions we are given the Holy Spirit that we might know God?
Consider the witness of the apostles Matthew, John. Paul and Peter in these matters and the implications for your personal walk with God.

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