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August 26th, 2023

Children of God — Significance in Service to God

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Wise parents know that as children mature they should be given responsibilities in the family to help them feel a part of the family enterprise. By having family goals and a sense of purpose that incorporates a family’s children in the purpose of achieving those goals, a child’s feeling of belonging to the family increases and that his or her life has meaning and that his or her efforts are valued. Even mere employees of a corporate enterprise work best and most faithfully when their loyalty and hard work is appreciated by their employer who values their contributions and who shows appreciation for the efforts of their employees. As family members or merely as employees whenever we are given new responsibilities and our efforts are rewarded with appropriate respect and praise—we feel significant! And this feeling of significance motivates us to accept our given tasks and to seek ever greater service roles, so that we can contribute more to accomplishing the mission of our family or our work place. But such a building of a family or a business takes insight and proactive action to encourage everyone to do their best in their service. We know this sound, proven practice to be a physical reality, but it is also a spiritual reality. As members of the Creator God’s family, we have a mission. And our God is developing his ‘koinonia’—His fellowship—to help Him fulfill His mission. And in serving our Creator’s purpose we find significance as His children in knowing that God appreciates our work. Listen and learn more about finding significance in service to God. Join our live stream for those who love and live the biblical scriptures.

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