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August 31st, 2023

Children of God — Spiritual DNA — Who is Your Father?

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Children of God — Spiritual DNA
The religious leaders of Jesus’ day claimed that they were children of God, and heirs of the promises made to Abraham. The irony was that they were also plotting to murder Jesus, something that would have been anathema to Abraham, their forefather. Jesus’ took the opportunity to discuss with them the issue of ‘Who is your Father,’ and point out the reality of who his Father was. Jesus’ observations infuriated them. Do you know what he said and why?
The question of who is our ‘progenitor’ spiritually speaking is still of vital importance and in many interesting ways our spiritual DNA mirrors the functions of physical DNA. Join us as we examine the scriptures and come to a deeper understanding of God’s spirit and how it works in us to fulfil a host of critical functions.

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