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August 24th, 2023

Children of God — Imitating the Father

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Children of God – Imitating the Father
How do children learn? In early life patterns of thought and behaviour are learned through imitation. Children learn to sound and act like those who care for them. Spiritually speaking we are to follow this same pattern of development by imitating Christ — doing what he did. His life was an example, a model for us to admire and emulate. As our Messiah, Jesus came to honour his Father by serving his brethren and teaching as he had been taught. He came to model the attitudes and actions that would lead to abundant life. Sometimes his example was in direct contradiction to the attitudes of his era. Jesus’ approach to children, Gentiles, and the law of God was radically different from the normative societal practices. Are we following the Father’s teachings by imitating Christ in our attitudes and actions?

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