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May 29th, 2021

The Prophets Speak to Us – The Role of the Prophet

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Prophets Speak to Us
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Jesus Affirms the Role of the Prophet

Jesus told his followers that they should not misunderstand his intentions. He did not come to abolish the law or the prophets. Rather, Jesus understood the important role of the prophet in ensuring that God’s purpose would be achieved. This is an inconvenient truth for many who are teaching and governing in harmony with the politically correct notions of our time. Like their ancient predecessors, today’s hypocritical leaders want to look good, but in reality they are pretentious evil-doers from Jesus’ perspective. Jesus castigated the ‘virtue signalling’ frauds of his day by calling them the sons of those who murdered the prophets. But why did their ancestors murder the prophets? And why were the Pharisees willing to murder Jesus, the prophet? More

May 22nd, 2021

Crisis of Confidence — Who is Worthy of Trust? And Why?

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Can We Trust the System?

Crisis of Confidence - Who is trustworthy?The topic of a crisis of confidence is making headlines. We need to know who is worthy of trust. But, whether the subject is politicians, doctors, corporate or religious leaders, the public is exhibiting a general and increasing mistrust of the ‘experts.’ Most recently, the problem of vaccine hesitancy within the populous has prompted many officials to push forward on coercive measures. They want to ensure compliance with government mandates. The solution will be vaccine passports that create a two-tiered caste system. The vaccinated will be able to enjoy their ‘Charter of Rights’ and assemble, associate, and move at will. While those who are not vaccinated will be censored and unable to participate in society freely. Like the oppressive policies of the governments of past millennia, the tools of oppression and coercion are at the ready. They will be used against those who fail to comply with government edicts.

It may seem evident to some that the state is a system designed to control the populace, often under the pretence of the ‘greater good.’ The state therefore has little regard for the health or liberties of the individual. The state may bring benefits or hardships, but at the core it is like a heartless machine. It can have no love for you or your family. The state cannot appreciate your needs, or provide solutions to the challenges you face on a daily basis. So entrusting the state, the government, or other agencies with your life is often not in your best interest as an individual. If the state is not worthy of trust, where can you turn for the direction you need to make wise personal choices and live a meaningful life? More

May 22nd, 2021

Pentecost — How the World Changes?

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Pentecost has the power to change the world. It is one day each year, the second of the three main Holy Day seasons. But the message of the Holy Day is an important one all year long. Our world is facing many challenges, but the scriptures and the yearly festivals point to the power of Pentecost that will change the world.
Learn more about that power.

Pentecost, Shavuot, Feast of Weeks: A Time to Celebrate!

May 16th, 2021

Freedom & the Spirit of the Lord

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Pentecost ShavuotPentecost — the Spirit of the Lord

Pentecost is a special anniversary that speaks to people who are empowered by the spirit of the Lord.
Over 3500 years ago, the Lord spoke the ten commandments to millions of the assembled Israelites from the top of the mountain in the midst of the lightning and thunder. The people were impressed by this awesome display of the power of the spirit of the Lord. Without hesitation they pledged their allegiance to the Lord, the I AM. They promised to be faithful and live in covenant with the Lord, as their Father.

He had delivered the tribes from slavery and the polytheistic Egyptian religious traditions that were useless. His first command was for the people to know and worship the Lord, the one true God. Then he gave them commandments that formed the basis for a constitutional form of governance for the nation. Unfortunately, the loyalty of the people wavered in spite of all the miracles they had witnessed. They lacked the spirit of the Lord to help them follow through on their promises. Within weeks they had created an idol to represent the Lord,. Aaron had sculpted a ‘golden calf’ to aid in their worship. They had fallen back in times of fear and doubt into their old religious practice, and habits of mind and action. More

May 8th, 2021

Are You Honouring Your Mother? God’s Perspective

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mother child at peaceBy Whose Authority?

The Everliving One is the Sovereign who gave a command about honouring your mother. He is the Lord God who sets the standard of right and wrong, and established the family relationship. When the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob cried out to God, the I AM, he delivered them from slavery in Egypt. Then he rehearsed with them those standards of conduct that he promised would bring liberty to those who followed them faithfully. Honouring your mother was one of those fundamental principles in God’s law of liberty. More

April 25th, 2021

Judeo Christian – What do You Mean?

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every word of GodSola Scriptura

Christians are sometimes confused by the term Judeo Christian. Judeo Christian does not mean Jewish Christian or Messianic Jew, so what does it mean?

Let me explain what Judeo Christian means, for those who are without background in the topic; the words Judeo Christian are most often used to describe the biblically based religious, moral, and ethical heritage of certain western societies. But there is a more complete definition of Judeo Christianity: More

April 24th, 2021

Content or Contentious? Lessons from the Wilderness

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Content or contentious Israel in the WildernessLearning for Israel’s Wilderness Experience

Israel’s experience in the wilderness, is one that makes us ask the question, ‘Are we content or contentious?’
God had delivered the people from slavery in Egypt.  He had delivered them from Pharaoh’s army and protected them as they crossed the Red Sea. But were the people content? Within a week of having left Egypt behind them, they were already murmuring, upset or  fearful about their situation and the lack of water. Had God just brought them out to slay them in the desert they wondered? Some folks thought so! How quickly they had forgotten God’s miracles. But in spite of their whining and complaining God would fulfill his promises.

It was at this early juncture in their journey that God made a conditional promise. If they would listen to him, and keep his word, then they would not have to endure all the diseases of Egypt. Are we content or contentious, in knowing that God is our healer? More