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May 20th, 2018

Searching for the Spirit — Series

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Confusion abounds when it comes to the nature of God’s spirit, The Holy Spirit. “Ruach” in Hebrew and “pneuma” in Greek can both be translated as Spirit, spirit, wind, or breath, depending upon the context in the scripture. Some theologians or translators would have you believe that  the Spirit is a “Holy Ghost,” or the Third Person in a Trinity? But is this the truth?

What is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Power, the Comforter, the Voice of the spirit and how does it work in the world? Why, as Christians,  is it vitally important for us  to understand the role of the Spirit in our walk with God? This series will answer these questions and many more. Learn what you need to know about the power of God’s Spirit in your life.


spirit of God Holy Spirit

1 Searching for the Spirit — The Great Debate

It takes real detective work when searching for the Spirit of God. Often those who have rejected the “orthodox” belief about the spirit are considered illiterate at best, and heretics at worst. But, we must not base our understanding on tradition or hearsay. The real test is, “What do the scriptures say?” And, according to the apostle Paul,  “All scripture was “breathed-out” by God. Peter  confirmed that it was the spirit that led the prophets to speak and write God’s words. So, it is these words that inform, train,  and discipline those who are now being led by the spirit.


Power of God's Spirit
2 Searching for the Spirit — Let There Be Light

The power of God’s spirit is first seen in the story of creation. The raw materials of the universe were formed by the spirit from “nothing.” This matter was like a wasteland, void and empty. So God sent his spirit and began the transformation. The spirit hovered over the water, lovingly moving over it as a bird brooding over its young. Then by his spirit, God willed the light into existence… So how does God’s spirit work in the lives of his people?



sharing spiritual resources

3 Searching for the Spirit — Sharing Spiritual Resources

The Spirit is the power of God – God’s spiritual resources. It was by His Spirit that God created the universe and brought light into the world. The Spirit is the power that gives us the desire to do what is right. It helps us discern between good and evil. And, it guides us along God’s path and gives us the wisdom to do God’s will.  Do you have God’s spiritual resources?




spirit poured out on God's people

4 Searching for the Spirit — Living Water

Jesus encourages those who are “thirsty” to come to him, and drink rivers of living water. He is referring back to Isaiah’s prophecy of the time when the Spirit will be poured out like water. This future vision is one of streams of living water in the desert and the Spirit refreshing all those who are thirsting for God’s ways. It envisions a time when God’s Spirit will wash away the stain of sin and cleanse those who repent and return to God…



spirit of truth and light

5 Searching for the Spirit — Spirit of Truth

God’s Spirit loves the truth. And, it is this Spirit of the Truth that is given to all those who love God and keep his commandments. How do we know this? Jesus in talking to his disciples before he died, reassured them that they would not be alone. He promised them that they would not be left as orphans. Why? Because Jesus’ Father would send them the Spirit to comfort them.


 Transformed by God’s Spirit

transformed by God's SpiritChristians are called to fight an ongoing battle against a spiritual adversary. But this is only possible if we are being transformed by the Spirit of God. Peter encourages believers to stay alert and watch out, so we can successfully conquer and be victorious in our struggles.




What Spirit Motivates You?

spirit of God or spirit of the world

Daniel Borup – sculptor

The spirit should animate our lives and help us to understand and apply the spirit of the law. A lawyer had asked Jesus about how to have eternal life and Jesus had commended him on his answer. But the lawyer’s motivation was not quite right. A wrong spirit of self-justification motivated him to query, “Who is my neighbour?”




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