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May 6th, 2018

Searching for the Spirit 2— Power of God’s Spirit…

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Power of God’s Spirit

Power of God's SpiritGod’s Creative Force

The power of God’s spirit is first seen in the story of creation. The raw materials of the universe were formed by the spirit from “nothing.” This matter was like a wasteland, void and empty. So God sent his spirit and began the transformation. The spirit hovered over the water, lovingly moving over it as a bird brooding over its young. Then by his spirit, God willed the light into existence. God’s spirit was the projection of his will and power into the physical universe. By his spirit the Creator formed the universe, and renewed the earth for his children. So how does God’s spirit work in the lives of his people?

Spirit of Justice and Judgment

Noah’s story illuminates another aspect of the power of God’s spirit. In a world gone astray, having rejected the spirit of wisdom from God, people had degenerated into living violent, corrupt lives. Fuelled by their lustful passions they had become arrogant and disobedient to their Creator. In this climate of open rebellion, God said that his spirit would not strive and contend with the people forever. God’s spirit was going to take action and bring judgment upon the people for their wicked ways. The power of God’s spirit leads us to do what pleases him, but it also contends with those who reject God’s ways.

Spirit of Wisdom and Faithfulness

In their journey through the wilderness, the people of Israel experienced the power of God’s spirit. He gave his spirit to the master craftsmen to enhance their ability and expertise in order to create the beautiful artwork for the tabernacle. Through the spirit they were able to envision God’s designs and replicate in physical materials the heavenly realities. The spirit enabled them to fulfill God’s purpose. Through the working of God’s spirit in their lives, Joshua and Caleb were able to remain loyal. They were fully committed to God’s vision of the promised land and their ability to conquer through God’s power. They faithfully upheld God’s plans in the face of violent opposition from people who sought to stone them. Joshua and Caleb had the power, love, and self-discipline that is characteristic of all those who have God’s spirit with them.

Is God’s spirit of wisdom and faithfulness motivating your life choices?

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