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May 20th, 2018

Searching for the Spirit — Spirit of Truth is our Helper

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spirit of truth and lightSpirit of Truth

God’s Spirit loves the truth. And, it is this Spirit of the Truth that is given to all those who love God and keep his commandments. How do we know this? Jesus in talking to his disciples before he died, reassured them that they would not be alone. He promised them that they would not be left as orphans. Why? Because Jesus’ Father would send them the Spirit to comfort them. The Spirit of Truth would be their helper, their advocate, before the Father. So they could walk with God. And the disciples needed to know this, as their world was about to be turned upside-down. They were about to be witnesses to the truth of the resurrection. And, it would be the truth, even if no one else would believe it.

Is God’s spirit of truth convicting us of the truth, as it did the disciples almost 2000 years ago?

The Spirit of the New Man

God’s Spirit sets us apart from the world. Why? When we walk in the truth we are renewed in our minds and embrace reality. As a result, we reject our past lawless ways and embrace honesty, love, generosity, and morality. In this way, we become at odds with the world that is alienated from God. The culture around us is disconnected from God’s Spirit of Truth. Being deceived, the people do not know they are ignorant and pursuing useless or meaningless things. Caught up in their lusts, immoral conduct, bitterness, or anger they do not understand reality and they reject the truth of scripture. But those with God’s spirit must not live as others live. The “new man” must not grieve the spirit by living a life of lawless disregard for the truth. God’s Spirit will give the “new man” the power, love, and self-control to live a holy life.

God Seals us with the Spirit

Those who have believed God and are baptized will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For all believers, the Spirit is our seal. It is the proof that we are God’s purchased possession. As God’s own children we are inheritors of all that God has to offer. Through his Spirit we are able to be imitators of Christ, walking as faithful children. We are to be children of the light, and that light that comes from God’s Spirit of truth and produces in us goodness and right living. God’s spirit in us is likened to a flame that produces light in the lives of others. Paul admonished the brethren to fan into flames the spiritual gift God had given them. It would be wise for us to consider whether we are filled with God’s spirit.  And if so, can others see the light of the spirit in our lives?

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