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August 5th, 2019

God Our Healer Series

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God Our Healer Series – Guide to Wellness

When the Lord God created Adam and Eve, he envisioned a great future for them and their children. His hope was that they would prosper and be in good health. And, to this end he gave them a manual for living, first orally and eventually written down for all of their descendants.

From the beginning of human experience, God knew the challenges and pitfalls to avoid in order to have physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. So through stories, direct teachings, and commands, he revealed information that would produce wellness and eliminate illness. The God our Healer Series looks at many of the teachings that our Maker revealed through the scriptures and how he continues to work today as our Healer.

YHVH RopheGod Our Healer 1

From the evidence of archaeology we can know that the people in ancient Egypt were afflicted with many diseases. But God promised the Israelites to be their healer, their physician. He would be the one to cure them and make them whole. This was an individual promise for literal physical healing. But, it also referred to the figurative healing of the nation.


God our HealerGod Our Healer 2

When we are hard-pressed, and facing death and disability due to disease, we are often searching for a miracle. The good news is that God our Healer does have that miracle working power.





God provides peace and wellness

God Our Healer 3 —
Perfect Peace & Sweet Sleep

In a turbulent world with hostility and distress a part of the mainstream news diet, how does one find wellness? And yet, the Lord God’s promise is of perfect peace for those who trust in him. For he is God our Healer, and he knows the conditions required for wellness.

Are we trusting in him to guide us now?




God our Healer

God Our Healer 4 — God’s Food Guide

Are we ‘living in the truth’ when it comes to God’s revelation, including God’s food guide? It is God’s wish to prosper us so we can be in good health, and experience a successful, abundant life. But we must be walking in the truth — actually doing the things that produce health. And the scriptures offer important advice on spiritual and physical wellbeing.



Lessons from COVID-19Lessons from COVID – 19

Our world is seemingly very fragile now, as stock markets, business, tourism, and education all react in panic to the declaration that COVID-19 is a pandemic. But this is not the first pandemic, nor will it be the last. So what wisdom can we gain and what action can we take when it comes to the spectre of contagious disease? The bible offers wisdom that can alleviate fear and give us positive steps to take to protect ourselves and our communities. Moses penned this advice millennia ago, but it is well worth reviewing.




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