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April 14th, 2013

Christian Faith

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faith, mustard seedChrist tells us that the weightier matters of the law, are  justice, mercy, and faith. But what is faith? Is it merely the belief that Christ is our Saviour, or are there many aspects of faith? What do the scriptures say about faith, and the men and women of faith whose stories encourage us in our walk of faith? Let this series of sermons give you encouragement and inspiration to live a faith-filled life in covenant with the ever-faithful God. Learn about the many facets of Christian faith.






Abraham Believed GodAbraham Believed
The ancient city of Ur was in the news as a result of recent excavations there. Though a thriving city over 3000 years ago and mostly forgotten to all but the archaeologists, yet some Christians will still recognize Ur as the hometown of Abraham. Abraham, is the father of the faithful, but why did God call Abraham our Father in the faith? What did he think, say, or do that prompted God to use Abraham as an example of godly faith? Jeff Patton examines the life of Abram and Sarai as they begin their covenant walk with God.


Christian Faith - faithful AbrahamAbraham Trusted God
Faith is a gift from God; it is divine persuasion, and it is not detected by visible signs. So we, like Abraham, if we have faith, then we are still waiting for the ultimate fulfillment of the divine promises in the Kingdom of God. As we wait patiently are we yielded to God and keeping the faith so we can inherit the promises along with faithful Abraham? What further lessons can we learn of Christian faith from our father in the faith, Abraham?



faith moses god's richesMoses & God’s Riches

The health and wealth gospel is alive and well in North America, and it has a particular appeal during times of financial stress. But is God interested in earthly riches, or does he offer something much more valuable? Join Jeff for an in-depth look at the faith that is required to hold fast to God’s riches, as he examines the life of Moses, the man who forsook all the riches of a prince of Egypt for the riches Christ offers. Are you making the same choice of faith in Christ, Christian faith, that Moses made?




rahab faith to actFaith to Act

Amanda Thatcher had faith to act on her belief and speak before many world leaders at her grandmother’s funeral with an important biblical message from the apostle Paul in Ephesians. The bible tells us that faith without action is insufficient…We cannot please God without the works that flow from faith. Jeff Patton looks at the life of Rahab and how her faith saved her and her family in a spectacular way. Do we have the kind of faith that Rahab had?




faith active obedienceDaniel and Active Obedience

Did you know that Christian faith is your “title deed,” your guarantee, of the hope you have in the promises of God. The faithful of Hebrews 11 and Daniel and his four friends  demonstrated their faith in the Creator, the only true God, through active obedience while facing severe trials as captives in Babylon.


Faith in Times of Doubt

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