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December 23rd, 2023

Coming to God Against His Will?

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Paul in writing to Timothy warned against becoming one of those people who had once believed but had turned away from the faith because they had been misled by hypocritical religious leaders. Recently, a major ‘Christian’ denomination has moved from the doctrinal position of ‘God does not bless sin’ to a more politically acceptable stance of ‘God does not turn away anyone.” These are irreconcilable concepts. In fact, this antinomian reasoning seems to fall into the category of the ‘way of Balaam’ that Peter and John told believers to avoid. So what was Balaam’s way and why is it still so destructive? What did that ancient soothsayer do and how is his example instructive to Christians who desire to walk with God?
This story has a lot to say about understanding God’s will, who is able to have a relationship with him and what must motivate our thought and action. Many Christians do not know what the scriptures say about what it means to love God or accomplish his will? They want to come to God, but they do not acknowledge the scriptures that reveal how we must love God, what it means to obey him, and under what conditions we are given the Holy Spirit that we might know God?
Consider the witness of the apostles Matthew, John. Paul and Peter in these matters and the implications for your personal walk with God.

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December 18th, 2023

Seasons for Everything

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It is challenging to navigate in our present world of extremes. But scriptures tell us there is a time and place for all things — a season for everything. The question is how do we discern the best course of action at the right time and place.
Consider the lessons that we can derive from God’s perspectives on the lives of Naboth and Ahab, or Gedaliah and Johanan. God counsels us to achieve an artful balance in all we do so we can have emotional and spiritual stability.
Paul gives us godly advice about how to set our priorities so that we might live a temperate life that honours God and encourages others. Listen to his words of wisdom about self-mastery and moderation and be inspired in your walk with God.


December 16th, 2023

In the Image and Likeness of God

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Why does God care about humanity? The answer to this question is found in part in the book of Genesis. But this is only the beginning of the story. Here God declared, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let him have dominion over the earth.” The Psalmist adds to our understanding of God’s purpose in that he created human beings with a glory that was a little lower than ‘elohim’ (God). Jesus in answering the religious leaders of his day, proclaimed that he was a son of God, and yet this should not have astounded them as it did. For Jesus made the same kind of bold declaration as the Psalmist in calling men ‘elohim’ or sons of God. John, James and Paul all added insights regarding Christ’s being the image of the Father and the firstborn son of God. But the Father has a plan to bring many more sons and daughters – made in his image – into his family. Knowing this basic truth these biblical writers offer us wisdom as to how we should live our lives now in preparation for this glorious future. View the message to learn more about our transformation into God’s image and likeness as his children. More

December 10th, 2023

Chanukah — Feast of Dedication? What should Christians Know

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Understanding the history of the people of God through the ages gives us perspective and helps us to discern the signs of the times. God wants us to remember the lessons of history and consider the lives of those individuals who remained faithful to God in perilous times.
History and prophecy inform us of God’s plan and give us vision so we can make those daily choices that will produce good fruit in our lives. Let us consider the history behind the Feast of Dedication that was celebrated by God’s people during the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry.
View the video series:



December 9th, 2023

Chanukah’s Message: Present, Past and Future — Resist Evil

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The world is trying to grapple with the events of the past few months in the Middle East, but this is nothing new. Our present situation has a powerful connection to events of the past and the prophecy of Daniel about the Seleucid Empire’s attempts to dominate Judea. And the question of good and evil is still the one that should be foremost in our minds. God warns us of the consequences of falling prey to the idea that good and evil are relative, or that good is evil and evil is good. More

December 9th, 2023

Children of God Series

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children of the Father by the spiritOur Father, the God of all creation, has a deep desire to have loving family relationships with his children. As all good fathers, God has a plan to help his children draw close to him and emulate his ways so they can grow to spiritual maturity. Let’s examine the many ways in which we become attached to God so we might become like our Father? More

November 26th, 2023

War or Peace – What is Your Vision for the Future?

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War or Peace? Our world longs for peace and a way out of misery, suffering and death. But is the world willing to make the changes necessary to eradicate war and promote peace? Are there too many people in the world who love war and hate peace? Are there those whose conflicting passions, envy, selfishness and evil deeds make war the natural consequence? The Lord God, the Word of God, makes it clear that there is no peace for the wicked, it is merely a matter of cause and effect.
The story of Jehu and his overthrow of Ahab’s dynasty is a case in point. It is self-deception to think that idolatry, murder, and deceit can produce anything but conflict — war! Yet the scriptures give us more than warnings of future warfare it also give us hope of future peace. This vision of peace is taught from Genesis to Revelation and the prophecies of a future time of peace are promises made by the God who never lies and is ever-faithful.
Do you know what the scripture teaches in regards to how peace will be achieved and the scourge of war will end? And have you considered how these prophecies are meant to impact our daily lives, giving us hope and providing us with wisdom to walk in peace now?
Let’s search the scriptures together to understand God’s mind on the matter of war or peace. More