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January 28th, 2018

The Authentic Gospel & the Messiah

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The Authentic Gospel & the Messiah

The Messiah oratorio penned by Handel is a masterpiece of biblical teaching.

With powerful emotion and haunting melodies it preaches the authentic gospel message.  The lyricist, Charles Jennens was a non-conformist Christian whose lyrics were designed to preach the ‘authentic gospel.’ It could perhaps be considered now as a “guerilla’ tactic to preach the truth. Carefully Jennens crafted a masterpiece about Jesus, the Messiah, as sung through the voices of many biblical writers. He was not ashamed about the authentic gospel. Rather, Jennens used his talents and the theatre venue to preach the message of hope in the Messiah, and to praise His name.

Do you know that message? Are you living in that hope? Learn more about God’s message of hope to humanity in this series of sermons.

primitive ChristianityThe Authentic Gospel & The Messiah

The biblical writers, Jude, Paul, and John, encouraged believers to “fight for the faith once delivered.”  They urged their readers to recapture the authentic gospel — what was understood from the beginning. Do you know that gospel? …In this festive winter season it would seem that many have never known ‘primitive’ Christianity. Or, they have forgotten the authentic gospel message.


Authentic gospel 2

The Authentic Gospel — Comfort My People

Handel’s  ‘Messiah’ was mysterious to the public who knew little of the bible. So in beginning his work with the message of, “Comfort my people — says your God,” Jennens desire was to speak to the heart of his audience. He wove the scriptures together to appeal to people’s emotions and longings – to comfort the weary with God’s words. And that message still resonates today…


God with Us — Immanuel

The Authentic Gospel — God With Us

The good news, the gospel, was about the coming of the Messiah. His coming would be in a time when darkness covered the earth. A time when ignorance of God’s ways would bring death, destruction, and misery. And his appearance would bring light to all nations. The Sun of Righteousness would arise and bring a healing light.



Messiah Our Saviour

The Authentic Gospel — Messiah Our Saviour

Eye-witnesses testified to the fact that Jesus was the Messiah — the anointed one.  Jesus, the Christ, the Word who became flesh was born into the world to become the Deliverer. Though he had lived “from eternity” he came to earth as a man for the purpose of saving his people. But what was he saving us from?



Messiah Lamb of God

The Authentic Gospel — Messiah the Lamb of God

The Messiah’s coming was to offer hope, so we read with astonishment Isaiah’s account that foreshadowed Christ’s first coming. Instead of being heralded as our redeemer, he was despised, reviled, and abused. He suffered for us, and his suffering has set us an example of perseverance in the face of persecution. The Lamb of God offered life to all those who would follow him…

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