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April 3rd, 2023

Spring Festival 2023

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spring festival 2023

Join us daily for a message to encourage you during this spring festival season.

New Covenant Passover Service
Tuesday April 4, 2023
8:00 pm (PDT)
Foot-washing ceremony
Wine and Bread service

Thursday April 6, 2023
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Being Holy

If we are not “Holy” we will not “see the LORD!” Being holy is an important message from God, during the days of unleavened bread – to be holy as God is holy. Sin defiles individuals and nations, but the priests of God, those who teach and encourage God’s people must value His standard of holiness, and be holy, showing respect for His name. What are those standards that God has established for His priests, those who serve Him?

DAY 2 of Unleavened Bread
Friday April 7, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)
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Leading Unleavened Lives

lessons from unleavened bread

Unleavened Bread — Our Spiritual Heritage

Paul in writing to the Corinthians reminded them of their spiritual heritage. He had instructed them to ‘put out the leaven’ in accordance with the Lord God’s instructions in the book of Exodus. For even though Gentiles by birth, they had become part of God’s people by baptism. But there was a problem. They had removed the physical leaven from their homes. But, they were not leading unleavened lives…

Day 3 of Unleavened Bread

Sabbath April 8, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)
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Lessons from Exodus — Hard Hearts

hard hearts moses and pharaoh

The Exodus story is one of hardened hearts, and it wasn’t just Pharaoh’s heart that was hardened! But the story was written for us that we should understand what causes a hardened heart, one that prefers darkness instead of light. We all have choices to make daily. It is up to us whether we choose to harden our heart or walk in the light.




Day 4 of Unleavened Bread

Sunday April 9, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)

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christ our wavesheaf

Christ and the Wave Sheaf

Paul was eager to preach the gospel, and in doing so he helps us understand the message of the wave sheaf. He wanted everyone to know the reality of the Messiah. For what he had witnessed had given him confidence that Jesus was indeed the Christ, the Messiah. It was through the Messiah, the Son of God, that all people would experience the hope of eternal life. And yet, the Jewish leaders went to Pilate to demand that Jesus be crucified for blasphemy, as he equated himself with the Lord God of Israel.  Amazingly, the efforts of the Jewish leaders in bringing Jesus before the Roman authorities aided in fulfilling the prophecies about Jesus. When we read the gospel accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion and death we note the many ways in which these events confirmed his Messiahship.

Day 5 of Unleavened Bread

Monday April 10, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)

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Rahab: a Passover story

True Worship — Will God Hear Your Prayers

God hears the prayers of those who worship Him in truth. So do we know what true worship is?  Let’s learn a lesson from the days of Unleavened Bread and the conquest of Jericho that shows us who God will hear and who God will not hear. Rahab and Achan’s stories provide object lessons for our day. The scriptures  tell us in clear terms what God expects of those who worship Him, serving God and others. Does God take notice of you and does he hear your prayers?

Day 6 of Unleavened Bread

Tuesday April 11, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)

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Israel at the Red Sea go forwardFear NOT – Go Forward

Why We Remember

Are you facing a “Red Sea” roadblock in your life? Are you prepared to “go forward?” The last Feast day of Passover/Unleavened Bread teaches us powerful lessons about how to live our lives and face the obstacles we encounter. One of God’s instructions to his people at this time of year was to teach our children about the symbols and events of the Passover season. This was not just to be an ancient history lesson, a dull retelling of millennia-old stories. Rather, these stories were object lesson designed to teach us how to live in the present. In this way all generations were to preserve a knowledge of how God works in our lives.


Day 7 of Unleavened Bread

Wednesday April 12, 2023
11:30 am (PDT)

The seas are being partedChrist Leads will You Follow?

The people of God, the Israelites, walked through the sea on dry ground on the last day of unleavened bread. Our ancestors in the faith were led by Christ, in a pillar of cloud and fire, as they left Egypt and entered the wilderness. The Lord sheltered and protected them in their desert wanderings. But did they follow? And what are some crucial lessons that the experiences of the Israelites teach us in our walk with Christ? Christ leads, but will we follow fully?




beware the devils devicesBeware the Devil’s Devices

Jesus’ example should convict us of the reality of the Devil’s devices. The Tempter appeared to Jesus and challenged him on his identity with the taunt, “If you are the Son of God…?” Likewise, he may test us, getting us to doubt or question our identity as God’s children, called by his name, and given the promises of a future with God. Paul warned of such deception in speaking of the cunning of the ‘Serpent’ who is able to seduce us away from devotion to God through sowing doubt and delusion. Our adversary is a master of the half-truth, a clever combination of truth and error. Perhaps you have had to battle this negative inner voice of doubt and deception.

March 30th, 2017

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May 28th, 2023

Pentecost — Ruth’s Story of Loving Loyalty

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Pentecost – Ruth’s Story

The story of Ruth embodies vital truths relating to the Feast of Pentecost. It invites us to examine the relationship between God’s covenants with the nation and with individuals. God’s word provides the instructions we need to keep this holy time for all generations, so we can consider God’s message for our time. The book of Ruth was traditionally read during this harvest festival and it reminded the people of their duty to care for the poor and the foreigner. The topic of gleaning as a way of providing charity for the needy was intimately tied to Pentecost/Feast of Firstfruits.

But Ruth’s personal story goes beyond these surface connections to embody the essence of God’s nature and his purpose. More

May 27th, 2023

The Spirit — Our Down-Payment on Eternity

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The apostle Paul readily admitted that it was not his motivational speaking that had brought so many Gentiles into a knowledge of the hope of the gospel. Rather these new converts were being convicted by the spirit of God. The Spirit of God had worked in their minds so they could renounce their past, put away their sinful lifestyles, and embrace a totally new way of living
These changes were not without their challenges and often left new believers in difficult situations in a society that was wholly absorbed in pagan thought. But God’s spirit in them would be the power they needed to resist outside influences, while being transformed spiritually on the ‘inside.’ Paul’s audience was familiar with temple worship, so Paul used this idea but totally reframed it to help the Gentiles understand God’s plan. No longer would they ‘go to the temple’ for they themselves were temples of the Holy Spirit and had been purchased by God with Christ’s sacrifice. Now they were to live new lives empowered by the Spirit to take care of the ‘temple’ of their mind and body. And why? God had work for them to accomplish through his spirit. Take a walk with us through the scriptures to gain a deeper understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of every child of God. More

May 6th, 2023

A King’s Oath – Modern and Ancient

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The recent coronation of King Charles III and his duty to reign justly bring to mind God’s instructions to kings and the hope that Christians have of the return of the King of Kings. The modern Oath that the king affirms has many valuable components. However, curiously, the promise to honour God and the law of God are seemingly in opposition to the promise to promote the state church. Jeff considers some of the aspects of the scriptures that highlight this irony and that would pose a dilemma for any king. More

April 26th, 2023

God Our Healer — Lessons from Exodus

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God – Healer and Provider

One of the great lessons of the Exodus was that God would  provide. He would be their leader and guide to the promised land and he could be trusted to keep his promises. One of those promises was that the people would not suffer all the diseases of Egypt and its culture. But this would also be a test of the people and their willingness to follow God’s guidance and obey his instructions. More

April 15th, 2023

Lessons from Exodus — Temptation

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Christ left his disciples with a message of warning to watch and pray so they would not give into life’s temptations. James reminded his readers that temptation and testing was a vital part of the believer’s walk. For it was through testing that we were to build faith and develop endurance. The story of Israel’s Exodus and journey through the wilderness was one of failing to resist the temptations they faced. Paul used their example to encourage the brethren to be faithful in facing the tests and temptations that were part of living in Corinth, a city known for its licentious idolatrous culture. Paul wanted people to consider the lessons to be garnered from the lives of the Israelites in the wilderness, as well as, Achan, Samson, David and others who succumbed to temptations and brought great misery on themselves and others. We all face temptations prompted by personal desires or the pressures of adversity. No generation has been exempt from the temptations that John summarized as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
The good news is that God provides the way out of every temptation. He has the answer and the antidote for the temptations that could lead us into sins that undermine our relationship with Christ and our Father. Let the scriptures provide you with the mindset, the thoughts, and the attitudes that will help you meet and overcome every temptation. Join our live stream for those who love and live the biblical scriptures.

April 9th, 2023

Lessons from Exodus – Hard Hearts or Sincerity and Truth?

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Hard Hearts or Sincerity and Truth

The Exodus from Egypt tested Pharaoh’s heart, but it also tested the hearts of the people God was delivering from slavery. Would they listen to the truth and walk in faith? Or would their hard hearts cause them to stumble and not enter their promised land? Could they leave Egypt and its culture behind and embrace God’s light and his teachings? Or would they continue to walk in darkness with blind eyes and hard hearts unable to leave behind the ways they had learned in Egypt? As followers of the Lord, we face many of the same challenges in trying to leave a toxic society that despises God’s teachings. So how do we overcome the very human tendency towards a heart hardened by stubbornness and self-will? More