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October 19th, 2016

FEAST of TABERNACLES 2016 Coming Kingdom of God

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Prophecy of the Future: Truth and Error

law of Moses for ChristiansThe picture painted by Isaiah, and Micah of the millennial reign of the King of Kings, is one that should give every Christian hope for the future. Yet within their prophecies they also include a message that has caused many Christians to stumble, and reject the plain teaching of scripture. Do you know what has been the source of confusion over the millennia since these biblical books were penned? Do you know why these things were allegorized and their plain meaning obscured? Let the Word of God reveal the answer to these all important questions. Make sure you know the answer so you can hold firm to the word of truth, and be encouraged by God’s amazing promises.


Coming Kingdom of God

coming kingdom of God

Daniel reveals the mystery of the coming Kingdom of God. So what did he see and what did he reveal to the king of Babylon? What was the meaning of Nebuchadnezzar’s awesome vision? What kingdoms did the statue represent, and how would they come to an end? What Kingdom would replace all the previous kingdoms and fill the whole world? Who was the Son of Man? The scriptures reveal answers to this mysterious prophecy of the future.


Beginning of the Gospel

useful kindnessThere is a great continuity in the message of scripture. Long before Christ appeared the hope of the Kingdom was prophesied by David. Malachi wrote of the messenger who would prepare the “way for the Lord.” Later Mark recorded the “beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ” proclaiming the message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God, by word and by action. Are we imitating Christ’s example and so fully following the message of the gospel of the Kingdom as faithful disciples? Learn a lesson from Jesus parable of the trees.



The King’s Message about His Kingdom
king and his kingdomAlmost two thousand years ago Christ came and brought a message about the King and his kingdom. He instructed his disciples, all who are called of the Father, that we should pray that his Kingdom should come soon. But it is not here yet. So, what is the secret of the Kingdom that Christ revealed to his disciples, but not to the world? What is the nature of the realm of the King’s sovereign rule? What is the job the King wants us to do?


The Kingdom will Grow

kingdom will grow2Jesus spoke of the farmer planting the seeds and the mystery of the seeds growing “spontaneously,” as an analogy of the Kingdom of God. What did he mean, and what are the implications for those disciples called to sow the seed? Daniel, Isaiah, and David all add to our understanding of how the Kingdom of God will grow, as both a physical and spiritual reality. Let the scriptures reveal the answers to this great marvel.


Saints of the Kingdom

saints-of-the-kingdomDo you know a “Saint?” Are you a “Saint?” There are many misconceptions about saints, among the religious! But the scripture gives us all we need to know to become a saint, set apart by God and different from the world. Learn from the life of Paul, Dorcas, and the disciples, the reality of living as the saints of the Kingdom of God.



The Saints will Rule

saints will ruleChrist will return and rule as KING of kings, but he will not rule alone, the saints will rule the Kingdom with Christ . But who are the saints who will become those kings who will rule with Christ? How do they gain their power? How will they rule? This mystery is an important part of God’s plan for the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth. So what does the bible reveal about the time when the saints will rule the kingdom?


Can These Bones Live?

Hope of the resurrection!

Hope of the resurrection!

Can these bones live. The short answer is, “Yes!” but there is much more to the story. God says that, “all will be saved” but is that happening now? When will God work to save all of humanity? God’s plan of salvation for all is revealed through the Holy Days that God created as memorials and as prefigurative events envisioning what is to come in the future. The future is full of hope for those who put their trust in the God of scripture.

October 19th, 2016

Feast of Tabernacles 2016 Prophecy of the Future: Truth and Error

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feast-of-tabernacles-2016-smFeast of Tabernacles 2016

Prophecy of the Future: Truth and Error

The bible portrays a vision of the future that some Christians are unaware of, and others reject due to their preconceptions. But what does the scripture say about the millennial world, the world after the return of Jesus Christ. And why does it matter??
The Feast of Tabernacles, the fall festival of scripture, looks forward to a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity ushered in after climactic events at the end of the present age. And yet, many Christians have been deceived into thinking many of the prophecies relating to this future time are mere allegory, and will not have a literal fulfillment. What is the systematized error that has deluded many, and how has it twisted the Word of God.
It is important for all Christians to be reflective about the scriptures and the way of life that Christ, the Word of God, taught because it is only through Him that we can have eternal life. Yet he made some bold statements about those who deceive others with their false teaching. It is only through a love of the truth that we can avoid these errors and remain steadfast and faithful to the teaching of the bible.
The picture painted by Isaiah, and Micah of the millennial reign of the King of Kings, is one that should give every Christian hope for the future. Yet within their prophecies they also include a message that has caused many Christians to stumble, and reject the plain teaching of scripture. Do you know what has been the source of confusion over the millennia since these biblical books were penned? Do you know why these things were allegorized and their plain meaning obscured? Let the Word of God reveal the answer to these all important questions. Make sure you know the answer so you can hold firm to the word of truth, and be encouraged by God’s amazing promises.

Coming Kingdom of God 

October 12th, 2016

Feast of Trumpets and Christianity

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Feast of Trumpets and Christianity

Who is the one who instructed the people to worship on the Feast of Trumpets? And does this teaching apply to new covenant believers? If most Christians were to observe the Holy Days they would come to understand the relationship between the Feast of Trumpets and Christianity. God’s hope is that all will be saved and come to the truth, yet he gives us all a choice. And at the present, many Christians have chosen to teach man-made ideas and forms of worship, while rejecting the clear instructions of scripture. So what are the special times that the word of God asks us to remember and observe?

“Appointed times,” the holy times that were set apart by the Lord God, such as “Yom Teruah” day of blowing and “Yom hazikaron” day of Remembrance – the Feast of Trumpets, were calls to bring people to repentance and a change of heart and mind.  Our present age may be characterized by an “aura of apathy,” but God through the Feast of Trumpets reveals that judgment is coming on those who are apathetic and take God’s word for granted. This festival begins the days of awe, traditionally considered to be a time in which God judged nations and individuals.

Yet, there is also good news for those who embrace God’s teachings as this day – Yom hazikaron – brings to mind the “Book of Remembrance” that God is writing, to record the names of all of those who fear and honour His name. As in the past God uses the shofar, the trumpet, to announce His intervention in the affairs of men, whether in the time of Joshua at Jericho, in the day of Gideon and his battle with Midian, or in the future. John describes in detail the sound of the trumpet and that final trumpet blast that precedes the return of the Messiah. The Holy Day is full of great meaning for every Christian, delve into the scriptures to find all the connections!

God’s Annual Sabbaths

October 9th, 2016

Fuzzy Theology: Do You Know the Scriptures?

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Fuzzy Theology: Do You Know the Scriptures?

A recent poll in the US showed that a majority of people believe in God and love the bible. But, most are “fuzzy” on the details. In fact, they often believe incongruent and conflicting things about the scriptures.
Yet the scriptures themselves claim to be the Word of God, and the source of the truth, so if we believe God then we believe that the scriptures must be consistent. So how do we avoid walking in the fog of a fuzzy theology, that is not grounded in the truth?

We must avoid the “twitter” version of scriptures and do more than just listen to theological sound-bites. God is trying to teach, but who will listen? We must study God’s word with intent to eradicate fuzzy theology, and grasp the true reality found in the Word of God.

The poll indicated that 64% of respondents thought God accepts all religions. But is this the truth? We must be careful to avoid thinking that God accepts any type of worship, and that it’s OK to “worship our way.” Do you know what the scriptures really say about the kind of worship God wants?

Others were confused about whether Christ was God, or a created being, and some even believed that both of these conflicting ideas were true. Talk about cognitive dissonance, but it did not seem to matter to many of those polled. Do you know what the bible says about Jesus Christ and his relationship with God the Father? Abraham knew the answer, as did Moses, and Christ himself, so will you believe their testimony?

We don’t need to follow the herd, dazed and confused, stuck in a fuzzy theology. If we worship God, we do not want to be worshipping Him “in vain” pointlessly, or aimlessly. The scriptures give us what we need to know, to worship in spirit and truth.

Don’t Rationalize a False Faith

October 2nd, 2016

Art of the Lie? Or, Power of Truth – You Choose!

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power of truth or art of liesArt of the Lie or Power of Truth?

We are living in what some have called the era of “Post-truth Politics” – when people put their reliance on assertions that may “feel” true, but in reality have no basis in fact. As Christians however, we must consider Christ’s words to the religious of his time who were also deaf to the truth, and had bought into the lies and half-truths of their time – those ideas that on the surface seemed plausible but were in reality spiritual darkness. It is only the truth that sets us free, and anything less than the truth results in bondage. So our choice becomes clear we must know the source of truth, “alethia” – reality, the way the universe really is – or we will default to a life based on illusion.

Recent archaeological evidence can allay the fears of some that the bible – the word of God – in its present form has been altered and is no longer the truth, for digital scans of a 2400 year old scroll of Leviticus confirm that our present day text is wholly in harmony with the ancient text. So we have the word of truth and the question is whether we will live it, or just talk about it.

When we build our spiritual house on the bedrock of the truth we must do more than “know and speak” the truth, we must “do” the truth. Because the storms will come and we will only stand if we have a solid foundation on the Rock, the Word of God, and the truth of scripture. Isaiah, writes an important message to the ancient house of Israel in Samaria, that is both a warning and an encouragement to Christians who live in an age when the civil leadership conceals itself in deception and finds refuge in lies.

We must look to the Lord, the source of truth, for God is looking for those who love the truth and build their lives on justice and righteousness. Joshua also understood the importance of trusting in the God of truth as he did battle with the 5 kings of Canaan who sought to destroy the Gibeonites, a people that Joshua had promised by covenant to protect. A time of great deception is coming, but if we have a love of the truth we will not be conned!

Truth and Consequences

October 1st, 2016

Looking for Good Leadership

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Looking for Good Leadership

Looking for good leadership is difficult when the political landscape of many nations looks like a battlefield. In the current battle for the US presidency many are asking, “Who should we blame for this disaster?” Cynicism abounds in a political culture of warring groups, indifference, relativism, and moral indecision. God’s wisdom concerning human leadership requires that we take a different view, one beyond the politics of the moment, to look at those qualities that will make or break leaders and the nations that they lead. The scriptures give us a broad screen view of how to discern between the self-serving rulers and the competent leaders.
God proclaims his wisdom, personifying wisdom a wise elderly woman, who has “seen it all” and can give the godly perspective from years of experience. The question is whether we will listen to Wisdom’s advice and heed the voice of truth, or will we suffer the consequences of choosing leaders who reject Wisdom’s counsel. Our choices will make a difference. The world may refuse to listen and “dance to God’s tune” like foolish children who are inattentive and rebellious. But those who love God should be fully aware of His standards for good leadership.
Looking for good leadership, we should consider the life of Jesus, and the character traits he exemplified. He had authority from the Father, and the power to exercise that authority, yet many in his time were blind to his leadership because he did not fit their pre-conceived ideas of who could lead. Jesus was not a part of the official system, nor was he given his authority through their “official channels,” so they did not recognize him as a true leader. Yet He had all of the qualities that God looks for in a leader, the foremost being “agape” a true love of the things that God loves.
If you are looking for good leadership, let the scriptures be your guide.

Praying for our Leaders

September 24th, 2016

Praying for Our Leaders: It Makes a Difference

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Praying for Our Leaders

When we reflect on Paul’s admonition to Timothy to “pray for those in authority” we seldom stop to ponder the nature of the society, and the government at the time of Paul’s writing. So what was life like for the average person in a society ruled by the Roman empire? How did the character of the leaders affect the lives of the common person? Nero, a very complicated man, was probably the emperor when Paul wrote his epistle, so what did Paul expect a Christian to pray about?

What does the bible teach us about praying for those in positions of power? The stories of Cyrus and Darius relating to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem gives the scriptural insight into God’s perspective, and the consequences of the prayers of God’s people for these foreign overlords. Daniel’s prayers for Nebuchadnezzar are also instructive. But perhaps the story of Ahab and Jezebel are particularly apropos to our time, mirroring in some ways the nature of our present society.

Considering the story of Ahab, Jezebel, and Jehu, we can see that the nation’s leaders can have a profound impact on the ability of God’s people to worship Him freely – or not. With this in mind let’s be aware of how praying for our leaders could have a profound effect on today’s political landscape, as it did in the time of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel.

In praying for our leaders, whether local, national, or international, we should remember that the biblical stories often provide us with insight into our own times. Long after the original Jezebel had faded into history, the apostle John warned the people of his day, and predicted of a future time when Jezebel, or rather her “spiritual descendant” would once again spread false teaching. Let us heed the biblical warnings and as we pray fervently for the return of the King, let us also pray for our human leaders as Paul advised.

True Worship: Will God Hear Your Prayers?