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November 1st, 2014

Insights from Celtic Christianity

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Slane - destroyer of nations

Celtic Christianity: Lessons for Our Time

Jeff, Jeremiah, and Jeffrey have been exploring Ireland to bring to our viewers vital insights from Celtic Christianity that will help us understand the historic struggles that Christians have faced in the past, the challenges we are facing now, and the choices we will need to make in the future. Check here for the latest news on this series.

October 8th, 2014

Feast of Tabernacles in Ireland 2014 hosted by COGWA

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Feast of Tabernacles in Ireland, October 9-16, 2014


Challenging Atheism: Proofs of God’s Existence

Atheism would render all belief in God irrelevant, but is it the truth? Can we substantiate our belief in God’s existence, His power, and his work in the world and our lives.

Jason Hyde          Ashbourne, Ireland 9 October 2014

Proof of God’s Millennial Rule

First century Christians believed in the coming of Christ to establish his government on the earth and reign for a thousand years as understood from the scriptures and early Christian writers. But over time this understanding was lost. How can we prove that there will be a “Millennium?”

Jim Servidio          Ashbourne, Ireland 9 October 2014

Preparing to Teach

Our experiences in this life are preparing us to teach in God’s Kingdom. What will we be teaching?

Ron McNeill         Ashbourne, Ireland 10 October 2014

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Ashbourne, Ireland Feast of Tabernacles 2014

January 3rd, 2015

Festivals of Light

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Festival of Light? Card by Fred Meyer

Festival of Light?

Does God care about the festivals we celebrate in his honour? The scripture outlines Holy Days that are commanded, but what about other days that are not commanded? Does God leave the decision-making up to us? What criteria should we use in deciding what we should or should not celebrate? Are Christmas and Chanukah both festivals of light?

January 3rd, 2015

The Importance of Purpose

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cyrus cylinder
Without purpose we wander, we lack direction, we become depressed and discouraged. The history of Israel in the time of Cyrus the King of Persia, and the return of the people from exile in Babylon fulfilling God’s prophecy, provide lessons for us concerning the importance of purpose. Are we willing to listen to God’s message and to embrace the purpose that God defines for us in scripture?

December 20th, 2014

Growing in Grace and Knowledge

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grow in grace and knowledgeThe Christian challenge is one of growing in grace and knowledge over a lifetime. We cannot remain static, we must grow, no matter how slowly. But God is there to help, showing us favour and “leaning towards us,” so He can bless us. But what does the scripture say about this growth process? Zechariah encourages us to trust in God’s grace, and Peter and Paul admonish us to grow in a certain kind of knowledge. What is the kind of knowledge, the “gnosis,” gained through a first-hand relationship with God, that Peter is encouraging us to embrace.

December 20th, 2014

Circumcision in the Bible? Who Needs It?

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circumcisionMany people have their opinions about circumcision. But if you are a believer who accepts the authority of scripture as your guide to living, what does God have to say to you about the issue of circumcision in the bible. And does it apply to both men and women who are living in covenant with God through baptism into the body of Christ?

December 6th, 2014

Celtic Scripturalists Spiritual warfare

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Slane - destroyer of nationsOur survival as Christians in the 21st Century depends upon our understanding the historic spiritual warfare between two major views of scripture.  It has been fought between the scripturalists, those who believed in the literal word of God, and those who espoused the allegorical interpretation of scripture and exalted the role of the church as interpreter. In the early medieval period it was a battle between the scripturalists of the early Common Celtic Church, and the Romanists who followed Augustine’s allegorical interpretation. The battle has continued to our day, and we need to know God’s expectations, so we can do battle with God’s armour of truth, righteousness, and faith.

October 25th, 2014

Love God with All your Soul

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Love God with all your soul
How do you love God with all your soul, your “Nephesh.” Jeff helps us understand the full meaning of “nephesh:” body, soul, living being, unique personality. He makes plain lessons from the lives of Joseph, Daniel, Peter, Cornelius, and Paul to help us understand God’s message for both Jew and Gentile, all those who follow the teachings of Christ. Are you glorifying God in your body and loving God with all your soul? God expects no less.