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May 28th, 2016

Christianity’s Exclusive Truth

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does truth matterChristianity’s Exclusive Truth

Are the Anglican archbishop and other church leaders correct in asserting that it is demonstrating unconditional love to refrain from telling people of other religious faiths about the gospel of Jesus Christ, so as to avoid offending their sensibilities? Is this the kind of love God wants from his disciples?
Some in the Christian community are promoting ecumenism among divergent religious traditions, but are there really many paths to God, and Christianity is just one of them? What does the bible say about this approach?
What makes the Christian gospel/message unique in the world of religion? Why does it matter what we believe about God and his Son? When we consider the testimony of the apostles and Christ what was there attitude towards preaching the good news of the gospel to the world?
Are we fulfilling our commission being invested in doing the work of God and following in the footsteps of our spiritual predecessors? Are we prepared to take up the command Christ gave to his disciples and fulfil His will in the world. Let the bible give you the vision of Christianity’s exclusive truth, and the hope that it brings to the world.

What is the Good News that Christ brought to give us hope?
The Gospel Series

Coming Kingdom of God

May 21st, 2016

God Provides Good Things

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Ruth and Naomi God providesGod Provides Good Things

Are we trusting that God provides good things for those who love Him? Do we believe as Paul did when he wrote to the Romans that God works for the good in every circumstance of our lives? In a time of fiscal and physical uncertainties, when the wealthy privileged and protected in society trust in their riches and others on the opposite end of the financial ladder seem to suffer unduly due to the vagaries of economics, what is our security?
The stories of Abraham and Ruth give us an insight into God’s love and loyalty to his people. He is our shield and great reward, as Abraham avows. Even in difficult, life threatening circumstances God sees, He hears the prayers of His people, and He protects and delivers them. As Naomi and Ruth learned, God was the “restorer of life” who turned bitterness into peace and hope for the future.
Consider how David extols God’s goodness and care for us, His handiwork. David is confident in his assertion that God knows all the intimate details of his life; God provides good things for all those who trust Him. Be encouraged by the witness of the scriptures to God’s unfailing protection of those who are His children. He cares for you.

Learn more about God:
God’s Goodness

May 21st, 2016

Sanctity of Life and Holiness

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Sanctity of Life or the right to die

Holiness and the Sanctity of life

If you are walking with God, in covenant with Him, you have been called to live a holy life, consecrated and set-apart to serve God. Holy as God is holy! So when it comes to death and dying what does God tell us to do, or avoid doing? In a time when society is beginning to deny the sanctity of life and embrace policies of assisted suicide, mercy killing, or euthanasia, what attitude and actions should we adopt in order to be God’s holy people?

Joining all those who embrace the sanctity of life:
Canada’s March for Life

May 18th, 2016

Honour Your Mother

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honour your mother Honour Your Mother

God placed great value on the mothers in Israel, as He realized the vital role that they played in the life of the nation. In establishing the ten commandments as the constitution of the nation, God put the commandment to honour mother and father as the central link between loving God and loving others. God chose Mary, as mother to Jesus, and her role was vital in Jesus preparation as the Messiah. Are we honouring our mother’s as God intends?

May 18th, 2016

Content or Contentious

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manna content or contentious

Are We “Content” or “Contentious?”

Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness after their miraculous deliverance from slavery in Egypt is a lesson for all who would want to please God. Are we content with all the good things God provides? Or, have we too often fallen into the traps, the habits, that characterized the majority who left Egypt, and as a consequence failed to enter the Promised Land. Are we complaining about food, water, the daily grind, without giving thanks for all the blessings? What are the pitfalls we must avoid, and what are the attitudes and actions we must adopt to receive our inheritance?

April 30th, 2016

Leaving a Life of Sin

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leaving sin

Leaving a Life of Sin: Lessons from the Exodus

What is it that keeps us from living a sinful lifestyle, one that does not please God? The stories of our ancestors and a knowledge of God’s miracles help us to understand our God and the hope that He holds out to all those who obey Him. Are we living a faithful lifestyle and teaching our children to know God? How do we overcome our fears, and put our hope in God? Are we leaving a life of sin behind us, so we can pursue righteousness and attain the victory?

April 23rd, 2016

Our Redeemer’s Plan

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our redeemers plan

    Our Redeemer’s Plan

The Israelites were rescued, and redeemed for a purpose and according to a plan that had begun centuries earlier with Abram. What is that plan and how has it played out over centuries of history. The captives have been freed, and the slaves delivered to fulfill God’s will, our redeemer’s plan, and show his loving kindness to his people…those who cry out to him for help in times of trouble. Are you among God’s redeemed?