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October 14th, 2023

Hamas Attacks Israel: A Scriptural Reflection

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Two millennia ago, Jesus Christ had a message for the people of Judea that resonates in our world. He spoke of the tragedies of his time when the Galileans were murdered by Pilate and the Tower of Siloam fell and many were killed. He also reflected on the nature of Jerusalem and its people in his day and what the future had in store for the people of Israel in Judea.

This message harkened back to the Song of Moses written before Israel entered their promised land. It was a song recounting Israel’s wilderness experience and prophesying about the future of the people and the land. Many of its verses seem to have a partial fulfillment in our time – a time when the people of Judah have surprisingly returned to their inheritance and been re-established in the land centuries after the destruction of their temple state.

Listen to the prophecies of Isaiah and Zechariah to gain insight into what was foretold by God. They reveal a picture of God’s justice, his mercy and his purpose for Israel that will be fulfilled in the future. God is faithful and he will deal justly with the evil-doers and those who turn to him for mercy. Consider the message of the prophets to us and be encouraged in spite of the times of trouble that we may be enduring at the present. More

September 30th, 2023

Feast of Tabernacles 2023

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Feast of Tabernacles 2023
Feast of Tabernacles 2023

Join us daily for a message to encourage you during the Feast of Tabernacles:

FIRST DAY OF THE FEAST – September 30, 2023

Lessons in Leadership


Feast of Tabernacles 2023The Feast of Tabernacles gives us hope and a mission to help us prepare for our future as those who will reign with Christ. Take a journey through the scriptures and explore the reality of the prophecies of the day of Christ’s return as King of Kings. Be aware of what will happen ‘In that day’ the day when dramatic political and social changes will occur just as the prophets predicted. Then consider the message that the Father has for his children, his saints, and the role that we as the followers of Christ should be preparing to fulfill in the establishment of God’s world order.


SECOND DAY OF THE FEAST – October 1, 2023

Kingdom of God — What’s a Saint to Do?

kingdom of God lightningThe picture is very fuzzy in the minds of many believers when it comes to who are qualified to be saints and what will their responsibilities be in the future. Come along on this exploration of the promises of Jesus Christ to his disciples. Consider the evidence of the writings of Paul, Luke, and John relating to the time of the restoration of all things. And, read the witness of the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah and Micah who outline the events that will transpire at the return of the Messiah.



THIRD DAY OF THE FEAST – October 2, 2023

Amos’ Message from God to Us

Prophets AmosAmos prophesied that God would “sift the people through the nations” and not a kernel of the faithful remnant of the people would be lost. The Lord God came to earth as Jesus the Messiah to fulfill the messages given by the prophets to Israel. Amos prophesied that there would come a time of building and renewal of the nation of Israel. Jesus and the apostles repeated these promises. Do we believe this message of hope for the future concerning the millennial rule of Christ?





FOURTH DAY OF THE FEAST – October 3, 2023


Restoring the Paths  Repairing the Breaches

Repairing the breaches, restoring the pathsThe prophet Isaiah wrote to encourage the people of God with a message of hope in restoring the paths and rebuilding the ruins. This was all predicated on the people returning to God and re-establishing justice based on the truth of scripture. History offers us the examples of those who put the pursuit of the truth and doing what was right, ahead of personal ambition or ideology. General Robert E. Lee was such a person, one who was willing to suffer, if need be, to do what was right and honourable. He was willing to act without pride, and to do what was best for his people in suing for peace, instead of pursuing a protracted guerrilla war. What about us? Are we restoring the path and repairing the breaches?




FIFTH DAY OF THE FEAST – October 4, 2023

Reviving the Household of God

reviving the household of GodThroughout history, the people of God have faced times when the ‘household of God’ has collapsed, and the people have been scattered. So it is no surprise that the scriptures offer advice about how we are to live in such times of uncertainty. In each generation there is a call to return to the active faith that will allow the re-establishment of God’s way of life in the community of believers. The story of Zerubbabel and the return from Babylonian exile offers us many lessons. And we learn from the prophets that just as God gave the ancient Israelites a hope and a future, so God gives his people now an even greater hope and responsibility.




SIXTH DAY OF THE FEAST – October 5, 2023

Rebuilding the Temple

Zerubbabel rebuilding the templeThe biblical story of Zerubbabel, Jeshua, and their brothers has many important lessons for those who see the need to restore the paths of God today. They faced many obstacles in rebuilding the temple and in fulfilling God’s purpose. The project languished due to hostile political leaders, the economic pressure to return to business as usual and the discouragement of weary labourers. Many elders also bemoaned the fact that this new temple was a mere shadow compared to its magnificent predecessor. Some wondered if the temple would ever be restored. So what about us? Are we feeling oppressed, overwhelmed, or discouraged? What can we learn from scripture to bolster our resolve to fulfill God’s mission in our time?





SEVENTH DAY OF THE FEAST – October 6, 2023

Restoring the Wall — Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra Nehemiah Rebuilding the Wall restoring the pathsEzra the scribe had returned to Jerusalem with a valuable cargo of precious vessels to restore the temple worship. But he was greatly dismayed by the moral and spiritual state of the people. It would seem that they had fallen back into many of the harmful practices that had led to their captivity in the first place. Eventually, as a result of dealing with dangers without, and betrayal within the community, Ezra knew he would need help. He understood the importance of rebuilding the walls, both literally and metaphorically. They were needed to protect a pure relationship with God and defend against corrupting outside influences. Are we wall-builders in our time?




EIGHTH DAY OF THE FEAST – October 7, 2023

Can These Bones Live?

Hope of the resurrection!

Hope of the resurrection!

Can these bones live? The short answer is, “Yes!” but there is much more to the story. God says that, “all will be saved” but is that happening now? When will God work to save all of humanity? God’s plan of salvation for all is revealed through the Holy Days that God created as memorials and as prefigurative events envisioning what is to come in the future. The future is full of hope for those who put their trust in the God of scripture.



Who Will Dwell with God?

Dwell with GodGod has a plan for humanity that he reveals through a series of Holy Days during the yearly cycle. These days remind us of historic events, give us a glimpse into the future, and help us to know the mind of God — his plans and purposes. Throughout scripture there is a singular message that our hope is in embracing God’s path and developing his nature so we might eventually dwell with him for eternity. Let the scriptures open your mind and heart to the message that God has for you at this time of year — a message of hope to encourage you in your daily walk with your Creator.



September 25th, 2023

Atonement or Too Late for Repentance?

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Atonement or Too Late for Repentance

The story of Esau is a sad tale of someone who could not repent and repair the damage done when he despised his birthright and traded it for a bowl of stew. Sometimes it is too late for repentance. The generation of those who saw all of God’s miracles in delivering them from Egypt lost out on their promised land. They too had put themselves into a situation where it was ‘too late for repentance.’ The history of God’s people is full of examples where communities and individuals habitually despised and rejected God’s word, his instructions, and refused to repent. On the other hand God had made provisions in his teaching for atonement. God would forgive those who sinned unwittingly and then willingly acknowledged their errors and took steps to make amends.

Have we sinned to the point that we are concerned that it is too late for repentance? More

September 25th, 2023

Judgement and Justice – God’s Standards

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Judgement and Justice

Judgement and Justice are vital issues in the mind of the Creator. In teaching the children of Israel the Lord God spelled out in detail his code of holiness – those things that were just and right in his sight. When it came to matters of judgement, the Lord God expected impartiality and a fair application of the laws that he had given the people.

In contrast to the unjust rulers of his day, Christ instructed his followers to consider the weightier matters of the law, justice, mercy and faithfulness in their relationships with others. When the Lord returns as Messiah to save his people one of his roles will be that of judge executing justice — rewarding the righteous and destroying the wicked.

So what does God expect of us today? Do we understand the weightier matters of the law? When we must make judgments, are we careful to judge with fairness and impartiality based on the standards set by God? More

September 23rd, 2023

Atonement — Two Goats and the Solution to Sin

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The Day of Atonement, Yom Kippiur, has many important symbols and lessons that will enrich our worship of the Lord God and our Father. As Christians we should consider whether we are loving the world and its ways or whether we are devoted to the Father and his ways. Are we God’s friends? Are we receiving God’s gift of grace by walking with God and eschewing the ways of the devil? The two goats of the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, help us understand God’s remedy for the sin of the world.

August 31st, 2023

Children of God — Spiritual DNA — Who is Your Father?

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Children of God — Spiritual DNA
The religious leaders of Jesus’ day claimed that they were children of God, and heirs of the promises made to Abraham. The irony was that they were also plotting to murder Jesus, something that would have been anathema to Abraham, their forefather. Jesus’ took the opportunity to discuss with them the issue of ‘Who is your Father,’ and point out the reality of who his Father was. Jesus’ observations infuriated them. Do you know what he said and why?
The question of who is our ‘progenitor’ spiritually speaking is still of vital importance and in many interesting ways our spiritual DNA mirrors the functions of physical DNA. Join us as we examine the scriptures and come to a deeper understanding of God’s spirit and how it works in us to fulfil a host of critical functions. More

August 26th, 2023

Children of God — Significance in Service to God

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Wise parents know that as children mature they should be given responsibilities in the family to help them feel a part of the family enterprise. By having family goals and a sense of purpose that incorporates a family’s children in the purpose of achieving those goals, a child’s feeling of belonging to the family increases and that his or her life has meaning and that his or her efforts are valued. Even mere employees of a corporate enterprise work best and most faithfully when their loyalty and hard work is appreciated by their employer who values their contributions and who shows appreciation for the efforts of their employees. As family members or merely as employees whenever we are given new responsibilities and our efforts are rewarded with appropriate respect and praise—we feel significant! More