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July 4th, 2022

Christ — Who is Your Rock?

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Where do You Find Stability?

Who is Your Rock? When it comes to security and safety, the bible uses the metaphor of building on the Rock, instead of sand or gravel. Over the past decade people in a variety of places around the world have experienced disastrous consequences for having built on sand. At these locations in times of earthquake, buildings, roads and bridges have been destroyed due to liquefaction of the underlying sand or silt. This has had huge costs in terms of lives lost and infrastructure damaged. Spiritually speaking, if we build on sand – worthless and shifting ideologies — when tectonic social or political shifts occur, the result is personal disaster. So are we building on the Rock or on sand? More

June 18th, 2022

The Father — Providing the Foundation of Enduring Societies

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The Foundation of Enduring Societies


Respectful obedience to honourable parents formed the cornerstone in many harmonious, prosperous communities and the foundation of enduring societies.The importance of honouring father and mother was embedded from the beginning in God’s divine directives.

Abram — the exalted Father — was promised the blessing of children, but he did not receive it immediately. It was only after experiencing 24 years of challenges that Abram was blessed miraculously with his son Isaac. But those years of hardship and the challenges of managing a large clan and walking with God in tough times had been a test. More

June 5th, 2022

Pentecost – Living Pure Lives through the Spirit

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Pentecost 2022A Common Thread

The Feast of Pentecost looks forward to the time prophesied by Malachi and it looks back to the giving of the law at Sinai. But there is a common thread. God is looking for the pure in heart to worship him. On occasion, God does break into history as he did when he spoke the commandments from the top of the mountain.  But at the future time prophesied by Malachi, only the pure will be able to face the Lord when he returns to the earth.
So, what is that pure heart that the Lord God appreciates? More

May 16th, 2022

God’s Promises and Providence – God Will Provide

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Ruth and Naomi God providesThe question of how God works in the lives of his people is one that looms large. Those without faith in God look at the horrors of society and question whether God is at work at all. But we have biblical examples to help us realize the blessing of God’s promises and providence for those who serve him and love his ways.
The story of Lot and his wife provide an object lesson about God’s deliverance of those who trust him and the consequences of having our hopes and dreams tied up in the material world. The story of Ruth and Naomi gives us the hope that if we set our heart to follow God he will supply all of our needs.

The scripture says ‘all things work together for good, for those who love God and are called according to his purpose’ What does this mean in the context of the suffering in the world and the hope of God’s promises? More

May 4th, 2022

Civilization’s Lynchpin — The Fifth Commandment

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The fifth commandment unites the two key concepts of love for God and love for neighbour that provide the executive summary of God’s will for humanity. The fifth commandment is one of family loyalty, that is owed to God as our spiritual Father and Creator, and our parents as those who were our first caregivers. And it is the family that has provided the foundation for all civilized society.

April 23rd, 2022

Trapped at a Dead End? God Delivers

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There is Always Hope

We may feel trapped or enslaved due to circumstances beyond our control.But like our ancient spiritual ancestors we need to consider that God is able to deliver us. Even if we are stuck in a box canyon or dead end, we are not without hope. Paul admonishes us to consider the examples of Israel during their wilderness journey. They had been slaves, but the Lord God had freed them from Egypt and led them into the wilderness. And yet, when they faced challenges, they felt ‘boxed-in’ and fear overwhelmed them, they quickly reverted to their old ways of thinking and acting that had disastrous results. More

April 17th, 2022

Spring Feast 2022 – Passover/Unleavened Bread

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Spring Feast 2022

Join us daily for a message to encourage you during this spring festival season.


Passover - Faith and ObedienceForgiveness, Faith and Obedience – A Tale of Four Passovers

There are major differences between the Good Friday – Easter tradition and the biblical Passover- Unleavened Bread festival that relate to the issue of faith and obedience. Are we following the biblical instructions and ‘hitting the target’ or are we ‘missing the mark’ and continuing in sin. Are we disobedient like Adam who heard God’s instructions but did not do them? Or, are we following in Jesus’ footsteps who both listened to and performed all the the Father had asked him to do?