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June 14th, 2020

Systemic Carnality or Systemic Racism?

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systemic carnality not systemic racismWhen the ‘Anti-racists’ Attempt to Rule

Is our western society in the grip of ‘systemic racism,’ or is what we are seeing on the world stage a display of ‘systemic carnality?’ In the name of ‘anti-racist’ ideology, and as a ploy to combat “systemic racism,” many historic monuments have been destroyed or defaced.  Statues of industrialists, politicians, explorers, and even abolitionist leaders have faced the same fate … This is a true testimony to the “anti-racists” lack of historical acumen. The protesters are indeed zealous, but they lack wisdom. They have become the judges of things that they really don’t understand.  And in doing so, they are condemning themselves. There is great irony in seeing people adopt the very things they are decrying. The anti-racists have become more ‘racist’ than those they accuse. But this is not systemic racism, rather it is the age-old issue of systemic carnality. And God has the answer. More

June 7th, 2020

Social Justice from God’s Perspective

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God loves justiceJustice — God’s Fundamental Nature

When society is in turmoil over the question of ‘justice,’ does anyone care to consider the issue of social justice from God’s perspective? The Psalmist, David, wrote eloquently of God’s nature and his love of justice. As a responsible leader, God’s throne, the symbol of his sovereign power was established on a foundation of justice and righteousness. God was, and is, invested in the rule of law, and its fair and equitable administration. He promises a future where the cause of the just and the oppressed will be upheld. While the wicked and lawless will be trapped by their own evil and destroyed. But is this the social justice that many are demonstrating about in our time? More

June 6th, 2020

Pentecost: The Spirit will Transform the World

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Power of God's spiritNoah a Man with God’s Spirit

Pentecost envisions a future far different from our present world. Future historians may well look back on our time and describe an age of broken people leading broken lives. And this malady of the human spirit has a long history. Even in the time of Noah, the broken nature of civilization resulted in a situation where people’s imaginations were continually evil. They too, were broken people with broken lives. But in the midst of this society there was one man who walked counter to the culture of his time. There was one who embraced God’s goals and was motivated by God’s spirit to accomplish his will. More

May 23rd, 2020

Faith as Our Guarantee in Times of Trouble

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our title deed to a world renewedHope for Humanity

Is God’s hand unable to save? Or can we still trust God and have faith as our guarantee in times of trouble. World War II ended 75 years ago, but the effects of the deaths of over 50 million people are still with us. And in the past 75 years the world has continued on an endless cycle of war – 350 wars or armed conflicts have taken their toll. But is this God’s fault? Isaiah concludes that the iniquity, lies, injustice, evil, violence, and blood shed are the result of choosing crooked paths. People have not known peace because they have not known or chosen God’s ways that lead to peace. The Messiah, Jesus Christ, came as a light revealing the way to peace, and offering himself as a sacrifice to atone for our evil ways. So there is hope for humanity, but it requires change. And that requires faith. But what kind of faith? More

May 20th, 2020

Trials and Faith to Endure

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Briton Rivière- Daniel in the Lion's Den (1890):

Briton Rivière- Daniel in the Lion’s Den (1890)

Do Trials Boost or Bust Faith?

During times of crisis, whether personal or national, do we have the faith to endure? In a time of national or global crisis the economic system is fractured, places of worship are closed, and lives are disrupted. But what is our personal response? Are we able to do as scripture admonishes? Can we “hold fast without wavering … persist, endure, and stir up others to good works?” Do we have unwavering faith and confidence, the faith to endure whatever the trial that we must face. Curiously, a recent poll showed that a quarter of the people experiencing hardships now, felt their faith had been strengthened. Perhaps, they had learned the lesson that the James taught about what should happen when our faith is tested. More

May 9th, 2020

Source of Living Water — Sharia or the Son of God

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son or sharia way to water

Where is the Source of Living Water?

Do you know the God you worship? Is your God the source of living water and the hope of eternal life. There are many competing world views and many who claim to have knowledge of God. Often we find groups of people who are very zealous for “God,” but their zeal is misguided. Why? Because their knowledge is either incorrect or misguided in its application.

Is Sharia, the Way to Living Water?

But what is the reality according to the biblical narrative? Who is the source of living water? Both Islam and Christianity claim that the bible has authority as a reliable source of divine instruction. They both claim that their God is the true, eternal, all knowing, powerful Creator. But are they the same God? Is Allah the same being as God the Father? Answering these questions will help us discern the reality. More

May 2nd, 2020

Don’t Think Like a Slave – Escape Slavery

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road to freedom

Do You Know When You’re a Slave?

How can you escape slavery, if you do not know you are a slave? This was the dilemma as expressed by Frederick Douglass the American abolitionist reformer in the 1800’s. He did not know he was a slave until he could no longer do the things he wanted to do. In our present situation with ‘stay at home’ orders, the lock down of many businesses, and the control of movement many people are becoming worried about the power of the state overriding constitutional rights. In North America we have to this point cherished our freedoms: freedom to speak, to move, and to defend ourselves. And yet have we succumbed to a different kind of slavery? More