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April 6th, 2021

Vaccination History

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Is Vaccination Useless or Dangerous?

Look at the evidence:

New Information on Covid Injections
When it comes to the question of whether to accept a vaccination, or not, the scripture is not silent.
There are many principles in the bible that relate to our physical well-being.
If we are dealing with communicable disease God is quite explicit in commanding the quarantine of sick individuals within a community setting.
However, God is equally concerned about an individual’s responsibility to take action to preserve their own health.
One part of God’s wisdom is to avoid substances, whether food, drink, or drugs, that might have deleterious effects on the body and mind.
With this in mind, it is the responsibility of each individual to know the facts about what they eat, drink, or inject into their body.

As Christians we are the temple of God’s spirit and we have a command to avoid polluting God’s temple.

The negative effects of vaccination have been documented for over a hundred years:

Vaccine Peer Review — 1000 studies
Read PDF: Vaccine Peer Review 1000
Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 11.43.37 PMRead PDF HERE
Vaccine photo

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April 3rd, 2021

Do Not Fear – A Story of Escaping Sin

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Leaving Egypt

When God told the Israelites, “Do not fear!” they had good reasons for being afraid. A week earlier all the tribes of Israel had triumphantly left Egyptian slavery behind and had walked out of Egypt. But now they stood between the mountains and the sea with the might of the Egyptian army bearing down upon their position. The enemy was bent on doing the devil’s work by overtaking the Israelites. They would seize the booty, and destroy the people before they could reach their promised land. Egypt was the superpower of the day, and with their mechanized army of chariots they were equipped to easily mow down the columns of fleeing refuges. In their fear the people cried out to God. It was evident that their hard won freedom could be easily lost. More

March 18th, 2021

Ten Commandments — Revisited 2020

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Commandments revisited

Old Commandments for a New Situation

As new circumstances arise in society, our ability as Christians to rightly divide the word of truth and apply the biblical commandment with integrity and discernment is tested. Each generation needs to revisit God’s instructions to understand how they apply in new or evolving social and political situations. God’s principles are eternal, and they define for all time how we are to love God and love our neighbour. There is nothing new under the sun, and all the ways of men can be evaluated by the eternal standards found in scripture. We will reap what we sow, collectively and individually. So this series is to give you insight into the commandments of the Lord our God, and how they will help us avoid evil consequences, and gain God’s blessings.

first commandment Who is your authority
Who is Your Authority?
Consider the first commandment! It is all about who you trust to tell you the truth about right and wrong, good and evil. It involves placing confidence in someone who has greater insight and intellect than yourself. It is a matter of who you will allow to have the primary place of authority in your life. So, who are your authorities?



eliminate idols 2

Eliminate Idols
Idolatry in Paul’s day still included the small religious objects of worship. But Paul warned of a more insidious form of idolatry. Paul cautioned that men would be ‘lovers of self’ and ‘lovers of money.’ A counterfeit would develop, that would have a ‘religious facade’ while elevating human endeavour as worthy of worship. The result would be a sensual, hedonistic, cruel and godless society.



Third Commandment

Those Who Bear God’s Name
It is no easy matter to bear God’s name! Moses and Jesus agree that there are proper and improper uses of God’s name. And, they go far beyond casual swearing in daily conversation. There is much more to the third commandment about not taking God’s name in vain, than using God’s name in silly banter or irreverent dialogue.




Sabbath for Christians

Sabbath Connection
God set the Sabbath apart, it was holy time, and it was a sign between him and his people through all generations. It was a weekly opportunity for God to commune with his people and teach them to follow his path. So what was the consequence of forgetting the Sabbath, of choosing another path?



Fifth Commandment Celina C Photography

Civilization’s Lynchpin
The fifth commandment unites the two key concepts of love for God and love for neighbour that provide the executive summary of God’s will for humanity. The fifth commandment is one of family loyalty, that is owed to God as our spiritual Father and Creator, and our parents as those who were our first caregivers. And it is the family that has provided the foundation for all civilized society.




Sixth Commandment greater good or murder

Murder and the Greater Good
When is it murder? Is it OK to kill a few for the greater good of the many? This is a good question for the  approaching Passover season. The New Covenant Passover (Lord’s Supper) with the bread and wine symbols, as observed by Jesus’ disciples, anticipated the Messiah’s death — his murder. Do you know what the scriptures reveal about this important topic, addressed simply in the commandment, “You shall not murder.”




seventh commandmentSanctity of the Family

Along with changing attitudes towards sexuality, and marriage, divorce has gone from rare to commonplace.  L’a ThN’aPh – the Hebrew transliteration of the seventh commandment says simply, “No adultery” This is an eternal principle that transcends any circumstance. It is a light to guide the path of those who believe God. Yet, throughout scripture we see the principles encompassed in this simple sacred command elaborated in detail.



eighth commandment combatting theft and deceptionCombatting Theft and Deception

The Eighth commandment, Lo T’ganav literally means, “NO you steal!” This is God’s instruction for combatting theft and deception. It is sometimes easy to ignore our complicity in this problem. We can perhaps quickly say that we are not pirates, burglars, robbers, or thieves. But then, perhaps we are not truly grasping the full implications of this command.




ninth commandment

Truth and Your Neighbour

In a time when liars figure, and figures lie, what is the relevance of the ninth commandment, ” You shall not bear false witness?” Was it just a narrow rule given to a primitive people dealing with perjury in courtroom situations? Or does this principle encoded in God’s divine directives have universal applications? The apostle John boldly asserted that sin was a disregard for God’s commandments.

March 13th, 2021

Murder and the Greater Good — the Sixth Commandment

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outube has banned this video, so see the video on minds by clicking the link below:

Sixth Commandment greater good or murderMurder, Passover, and the Messiah

When is it murder? Is it OK to kill a few for the greater good of the many? This is a good question for the beginning of a new sacred year, and the approaching Passover season. The New Covenant Passover (Lord’s Supper) with the bread and wine symbols, as observed by Jesus’ disciples, anticipated the Messiah’s death — his murder.
Do you know what the scriptures reveal about this important topic, addressed simply in the commandment, “You shall not murder.”


March 6th, 2021

Cult of the Woke Or Christ — Seekers of Truth

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seekers of truth vs. Woke cultureCult of Woke or Seekers of Truth

We are at a turning point where the ‘Cult of the Woke’ is clashing daily with the seekers of truth. A recent national columnist was bemoaning the lack of a ‘generosity of mind’ that used to be the norm in Western civil society. For, the Woke mob mentality of today will not allow for the possibility that others might be right and they could be wrong. There is no humility or the slightest realization that their perspective might possibly be in error. As a result they are vociferous in their attacks against others who hold to differing opinions. Perhaps you have had to deal with these people? But ‘Wokeness’ is just a new label for an old phenomenon, one that the apostles in the first century experienced. More

February 27th, 2021

Vaccination – A Religious Dilemma

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vaccination religious dilemmaThe Church has a Role to Play

What is the role of the church when it comes to this divisive issue of vaccination? Should the church have an ‘opinion,’ or a recommendation, or a mandate for their brethren?


I read the letter that follows this blog, from the Catholic Church on this topic, and this paragraph seemed to sum up their position.

“…it is clear that the making of effective vaccines against diseases such as these, as well as their use in the fight against these infections, up to the point of eradication, by means of an obligatory vaccination of all the population at risk, undoubtedly represents a “milestone” in the secular fight of man against infective and contagious diseases.”

Following this assertion the letter presents an interesting well-reasoned argument about the moral implications of the use of aborted fetal cell lines in some vaccines. However, they see vaccination as a ‘public good’ on the whole, and this church supports the efforts of the state to mandate vaccination. However, they understand the ‘moral dilemma’ for individuals who object to abortion, and so their recommendation is to create vaccines that do not have aborted fetal cell lines. Nowhere in their brief do they mention the scripture and biblical instructions.

So what does the bible say?
If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you want to know!

God in scripture tells his people that they are to ‘judge righteous judgment’ and to this end he provided many teachings and examples to help us when new situations arise. We have not only God’s word, but the sword of the spirit, that guides us into truth and cuts through the twigs and branches so we can address the ‘trunk of the tree” issues.
So here are some of the biblical principles and questions that must be asked that concern ‘vaccination’ in all of its forms. Let us apply God’s wisdom and reason to search out this matter.

25 Questions to Ask Yourself … Or your Church!


February 20th, 2021

Remember Amalek – Sabbath of Remembrance

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    Sabbath of Remembrance — Remember Amalek

Moses in writing to the Israelites before entering their promised land, gave them an admonition, “Remember Amalek.” This brings to mind the question of who was Amalek?  Why were they to be remembered? And. how does this tie into the fact that this Sabbath before the days of Purim, is called the Sabbath of Remembrance.  Sabbath is a time to be refreshed and to renew the divine narrative in our minds. To understand Amalek we must go to the book of beginnings, for Amalek was a descendant of Esau. It was the relationship between Jacob and Esau, the sons of Isaac, revealed in Genesis that gives us the clues to understand God’s command. More