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March 23rd, 2023

Fellowship of the King

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Fellowship of the King

In Genesis, the book of beginnings, God initiated a plan that has been consistent through time. It was a plan for man to be brought into fellowship with God and to work in partnership to accomplish his purpose. Yet, there would be challenges, as powerful spiritual forces would always be at work trying to undermine the plan and enslave the people.
Like Frodo and Sam in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, we, as believers, have ‘fallen into this story’ and have become part of a fellowship — the Fellowship of the King. More

March 20th, 2023

Christ Will Return — All Things Fulfilled

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Christ Will Return – All Things Fulfilled

The disciples during Jesus’ ministry expected Jesus, the Messiah, to fulfill all of the prophecies written about him in the Hebrew scriptures. In fact he had promised them that he had come to fulfill all that was written in the law, the writings, and the prophets.
And yet, when quoting the book of Isaiah in the synagogue, Jesus stopped his message half-way through the passage and declared that this portion of the scripture had been fulfilled.
Christ had indeed come to bring the ‘good news,’ but there was more to the prophecy. More

March 19th, 2023

Don’t Rationalize a False Faith – Countering Christian Minimalists

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Don’t Rationalize a False Faith – Countering Christian Minimalists

Why did most Christians compromise or collaborate with the Nazi’s in the 1930’s? The history of that time is very instructive for our time. It also recalls a time in the history of God’s people when there were those faithful few who stood up to the overwhelming might of the Seleucid empire . And were it not for their faith in the truth of scripture and their courage to fight the evil of the time then there would have been no Jewish nation when Jesus, the Messiah was born. More

March 5th, 2023

Esther: Queen with a mission

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Esther and the scepterThe story of Queen Esther:
Purim is a time to reflect on the blessing of God’s deliverance and the knowledge that God can use the humble who serve Him to put to shame the proud who seek to destroy His people. This story of Esther (retold in a 7 act play with stage directions) can be performed as a play or informally read as a reader’s theatre activity.

November 21st, 2022

Thoughts for Thanksgiving – Gratitude Matters

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Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Hezekiah - Petitions, prayers, intercessionsPetitions, Prayers, Intercession and Thanksgiving

God hears the petitions and prayers of his people. Whether we are in personal distress, or our nations are facing daunting foes, our prayers can make all the difference. Hezekiah, the King of Judah, knew this to be true when the Assyrians attacked Jerusalem. Earlier, Hezekiah had been on his death bed, but God had heard his prayers and seen his tears, and healed him of a fatal illness. So when Sennacharib’s army began to demolish the cities of Judah, Hezekiah knew where to turn for help. Do we?

thankfulness in tought times smThankfulness in Tough Times

Some of the Separatists and Non-conformist Christians found refuge in the new world. Their’s is a story of thankfulness in tough times. One couple, Steven and Ann Mumford, sailed for Rhode Island in the hopes of escaping the religious discrimination in England that had made life increasingly difficult. Rhode Island’s governor had provided a safe haven for these religious refugees with the creation of a Charter in 1663 that guaranteed freedom of worship. Over time the Mumford’s and others established the first Sabbath-keeping congregation in the colonies. Their efforts created the legacy upon which the modern Churches of God have been built. More

October 29th, 2022

Law of Moses for Christians?

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The Law of Moses for Christians

Noah living the law of Moses



forget the law of Moses?

Should We Forget the Law of Moses

Is the Law of Moses “done away.” The majority report from traditional Christianity would say a resounding, “Yes!” But what do the scriptures say? The issue of grace and law has been debated for centuries, and the majority have been led to believe that grace is all that is needed for believers to be “saved.” But there is the scripturalist view, the minority report. It encourages believers to look carefully at what God says, and to reject tradition that is contrary to biblical teaching. So do you know from God’s perspective, if it is wise to forget the “Law of Moses?” More

October 29th, 2022

God’s Covenant — Abraham’s Children

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God made a covenant with Abraham, and if we are Christians we are heirs to that covenant and the promises made to Abraham. Do you know the history of the covenant and how we as Christians have become Abraham’s children? Do you understand the nature of the covenant and its implications for you as one who has believed the gospel of Christ? Do you appreciate the importance of following in Abraham’s footsteps and walking with God in faith? The scriptures reveal the answers to all of our questions about this covenant, a covenant that is irrevocable and of vital importance to all who look to God as their Father. More