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March 12th, 2022

Petitions, Prayers, Intercession, and Thanksgiving

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God hears the petitions and prayers of his people. Whether we are in personal distress, or our nations are facing daunting foes, our prayers can make all the difference. Hezekiah, the King of Judah, knew this to be true when the Assyrians attacked Jerusalem. Earlier, Hezekiah had been on his death bed, but God had heard his prayers and seen his tears, and healed him of a fatal illness. So when Sennacharib’s army began to demolish the cities of Judah, Hezekiah knew where to turn for help. Do we?

Though Hezekiah had been wise in creating an aqueduct to provide water to help the city weather a siege, he also knew that only God could intervene to turn the tide of war. And God heard Hezekiah’s pleas, delivered the people of Judah in Jerusalem, and destroyed the Assyrian forces. The apostle Paul reminded Timothy of the importance of petitions and prayers. And James encouraged his readers to consider Elijah’s example of heartfelt and persistent prayer, when he was dealing with the corrupt leaders of the nation in his day. Our fervent prayers can be effective if we are wholehearted and seeking God’s will in the challenges that we face.

The power of intercessory prayer was impressed upon the early church brethren when Peter had been taken prisoner. James, had  been slain by the Roman overlords, and Peter’s situation may have seemed hopeless. But God heard the petitions and prayers of his people, and sent an angel to rescue Peter from certain death. Consider the many biblical examples of answered prayer. Reflect on the need to pray now for those in government. Just as Paul encouraged those living under Nero’s rule to pray, we should also pray that God would grant us good leadership so we might live in peace and continue to accomplish God’s will.

The Power of One  — Making a Difference


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