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May 31st, 2017

Law of Moses — the Weightier Matters

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Law of Moses — the Weightier Matters

weightier matters of the law

The Freedom from Slavery

To call ourselves “Christians,” followers of Christ, is to acknowledge that he is the “Master.” His thoughts, attitudes, and actions are ones we want to emulate. When you understand who Jesus was before his life as a human, you can easily see why the law of Moses played a vital role in Jesus’ teaching. Just as he saved Israel from Egyptian slavery, so we too have been saved. Saved to live in obedience to him. So, what was the value of the law of Moses from Jesus’ point of view? And do we value these teachings as our Master does? Searching the scriptures provides the answers.

Law of Moses— the Weightier Matters from Christ’s Mind

Jesus in speaking of the religious leaders of his day, castigated them for “majoring in the minors.” They’d focused on the minutiae, things that gave them an appearance of being “good” people. But, they ignored what was truly important. They forgot the weightier matters of the law of Moses — a law the Lord God had given to his people through Moses his scribe. And what were those “weightier matters?” They were elements of God’s character. He wanted to instil in his people the attributes of: justice, loving kindness, and faithfulness. These spiritual riches were integral to the law of Moses. They provided the lens through which all the other commands were to be viewed and applied.

Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes: Ancient and Modern

Our world like that of Jesus’ day suffers daily for its lack of understanding of the law of Moses. Like the girl who was found murdered, or the boy who suffered a spinal injury after ignoring parental advice, we suffer when we ignore God’s teachings — all of them. Jesus valued the law of Moses, and expanded upon its meaning, making it relevant to the people of his day. He taught the law of Moses — the weightier matters, and all 613 principles, because they reflect his mind, heart, and character. Today, many who call themselves “Christian” reject these teachings. They are like their ancient counterparts who set up their own standards of right living. Will we follow our Master, the one who gave the law to Moses?

Law and Lawlessness

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