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May 28th, 2017

Law of Moses — Living Holy Lives

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Noah living the law of Moses

Law of Moses — Living Holy Lives

Christians are called to a holy calling to lead lives worthy of our master, Jesus, the Messiah. We have been given the gracious gift of forgiveness, so we may become a holy people. God extends his grace, “charis,” his favour and blessings, to his people. But then what?
Many people in thinking correctly that we do not earn salvation by keeping the law, then make the false assumption that the law is no longer necessary, or valid. Nothing could be further from the truth of scripture! We are called to live holy lives, lives dedicated to our master. We are to walk humbly with God, in faith and gratitude for God’s gracious gifts. There is work to be done, and the law plays an integral part in our walk of faith.

Whose Standard of Right Living?

James, the brother of Jesus, was concerned about those who taught a message of love without law. He admonished believers to overcome the natural human tendencies towards lawlessness and  live a life of obedience. But obedience to what? Jesus called the Pharisees, the religious of his day, hypocrites. Why? They claimed to obey God as their master, yet they rejected God’s instructions. And then, they replaced God’s directives with their own ideas of “right living.” They had substituted their own human reasoning in place of God’s direct commands. And what was the source of God’s teaching that they rejected, but the law of Moses, that taught God’s standard of holiness.

Obedience and Walking with God

The law of Moses — living holy lives, was a theme throughout the book of Genesis. God worked with those he called including Noah, Abraham,and Moses to teach them right from wrong. They walked with God and received the blessing of his favour as they learned obedience and righteous judgment. Their example of faithful living became a vital part of the law of Moses —the torah. Living holy lives was a matter of grace, faith, and obedience to the standard of righteousness that God revealed in the torah — the law of Moses.

Law and Lawlessness

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