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June 5th, 2017

Law of Moses — NOAH

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Law of Moses — Noah

Law of Moses — Noah

The Law May Be More Than You Realize

The Law of Moses, the torah, includes the first five books of the scriptures penned by Moses according to the Lord God’s instructions. David described different aspects of the law: instructions, statutes, commands, testimonies, judgments. And, he concluded that they were, “…reliable, and altogether righteous…” But, people will argue with David’s assertions and will debate endlessly as to the value of the law. Unfortunately, it is only the open-minded who will become wise through the understanding and application of these teachings. But, there is another aspect to the law/teaching that is often overlooked.

Law of Moses — Noah Found Grace

There are large portions of the Law of Moses, that instruct us by way of personal stories of God’s people. These stories teach us about living righteous lives, walking faithfully and humbly with God – the weightier matters of the law. Noah found grace, for he among all the earth’s inhabitants was called of God, and given a special job. He was to save humanity! The people around Noah were violent and evil, and they walked aimlessly, in futility and ignorance of God. But Noah, knowing God’s will, lived a righteous life, walking in harmony with God and his instructions.

Law of Moses — Noah Obeyed!

For a hundred years Noah, with the help of his sons, worked. They built a boat according to God’s specific instructions, to save man and beast from destruction. A teacher of righteousness, and an example of godly living, Noah condemned the world for it’s lawlessness and contempt for God’s Lordship. As Moses wrote in the law, “Noah did according to all that the Lord commanded him.” Would God say the same thing about us? Do we know God’s commands for us? And, are we doing them, as faithful Noah did? God chose Noah and brought him into a covenant relationship through grace, God’s merciful favour. But, once called into this relationship there was work to be accomplished. Are we accomplishing God’s work in our lives through obedience to his teachings?

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