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December 10th, 2023

Chanukah — Feast of Dedication? What should Christians Know

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Understanding the history of the people of God through the ages gives us perspective and helps us to discern the signs of the times. God wants us to remember the lessons of history and consider the lives of those individuals who remained faithful to God in perilous times.
History and prophecy inform us of God’s plan and give us vision so we can make those daily choices that will produce good fruit in our lives. Let us consider the history behind the Feast of Dedication that was celebrated by God’s people during the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry.
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Chanukah - Resist EvilChanukah’s Message – Resist Evil

Our present situation has a powerful connection to events of the past and the prophecy of Daniel about the Seleucid Empire’s attempts to dominate Judea. And the question of good and evil is still the one that should be foremost in our minds. God warns us of the consequences of falling prey to the idea that good and evil are relative, or that good is evil and evil is good.



wisdom to stand in the lightWisdom to Stand in Perilous Times

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians that they needed to arm themselves with a love of the truth so they would not be overthrown by the powerful deception that would delude the whole world. And his message to us is that we should stand firm in the truth and continue in good works. We need the wisdom to stand in the light so we will not be subverted by the darkness.



A New Social Order – Chanukah and Maccabees

Believers in all ages have faced the challenge of resisting the zeitgeist of their time. In order to enter the ‘narrow gate’ God’s people often had to refuse the allure of the broad path that the society was following – a path that would eventually lead to destruction. And yet how easy it would be to just ‘go with the flow’ and adopt the practices, approaches, and societal norms. The history of the Maccabees teaches God’s people many lessons about how to avoid the ditches of compromise and complacency.


Chanukah Lessons in History and Prophecy

Chanukah was a message for Christians almost 200 years before Christ, that has great import for the future.



Don't cross the red lineYour Spiritual ‘Red Lines?’

When an employer or a government official asks you to do something, are there personal ‘red lines’ that you will not cross? As we enter a time of uncertainty are we prepared, knowing our moral and ethical lines that must be preserved regardless of the pressure to abandon them. The religious authorities in Jesus’ day confronted him as he was in the temple celebrating the Feast of Dedication. They wanted to know if he was the Messiah, and what was the proof he could offer them. What was his response?



Chanukah lessonsEnd Time Lessons

When Jesus spoke to his disciples about end time lessons for believers, they were looking at the magnificent temple. Herod’s temple was an amazingly beautiful sight. A wonder of the ancient world, its layers of blue, yellow, and white marble seemed to undulate like the waves of the sea. And yet, Jesus prophesied that it would all be destroyed. Of course, the disciples wanted to know when this would happen. Perhaps they were anticipating it to transpire in their own lifetime. But Jesus skirted the issue and related a series of events that would occur before his return. And he gave them a warning.



a-great-miracle-happened-here-smA Great Miracle Happened There

During the winter season one might think that the “great miracle that happened there” was the birth of the Son of God in Bethlehem…but is that the reality? Luke recorded in his account of Jesus life, the story of this birth to the virgin Mary. This is truly an amazing story. But many would be surprised to know that the evidence does not support a date of December 25th, nor any time in the winter. So what is that miracle that happened there, in the land of Israel, in the winter, on December 25th. It may surprise some.



jerusalem stone of stumblingJerusalem and Messiah — Stumbling Stones

During the festival of Dedication in Jerusalem the religious leaders were asking, Jesus, “Are you the Messiah?” Though they had witnessed many miracles and heard Jesus’ teaching, they did not believe. The imposter, Antiochus Epiphanes the infamous villain of Chanukah who captured Jerusalem, claimed to be a “god made manifest.” Ironically,  during Chanukah, Jesus revealed that he was indeed, “God made manifest.” Jesus was a “stumbling stone” to many of the religious of his day. They rejected him as their Messiah and wanted to stone him. What about our day; are we willing to listen to Jesus’ teaching?



loyaltyGodly Loyalty in Leadership

The prophet Daniel writing of the time of the Maccabees spoke of the reprobate leaders, the compromising pragmatists, who were corrupted by flatteries. But he also wrote of the loyalty of the few who knew God, and had the courage to speak against the mighty. In speaking of the end of the present age, Jesus likened coming events to those of the time of the Maccabees. He counsels his leaders to faithfully resist evil, to stand in the gap, and to rally all those who love the truth. The Feast of Dedication continues to be a time of renewal and rededication to godly loyalty in leadership.

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