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December 9th, 2023

Chanukah’s Message: Present, Past and Future — Resist Evil

Videos, by CGP.


The world is trying to grapple with the events of the past few months in the Middle East, but this is nothing new. Our present situation has a powerful connection to events of the past and the prophecy of Daniel about the Seleucid Empire’s attempts to dominate Judea. And the question of good and evil is still the one that should be foremost in our minds. God warns us of the consequences of falling prey to the idea that good and evil are relative, or that good is evil and evil is good. Scripture also warns us that there is a price to pay if we do not resist the evil or if we fail to give aid to those who would otherwise be destroyed by evil. The prophetic message of Chanukah from Christ’s perspective is both a warning to not be deceived by the evil and an encouragement to rededicate ourselves to God and the way of truth during this winter time of Dedication.

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