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June 20th, 2011

Feast of Tabernacles 2011 – Penticton, BC. Canada

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2011 Feast of Tabernacles from cogwebcast on Vimeo

We are happy to announce that Alex Kennedy has finalized arrangements for our Feast of Tabernacles meeting hall in Penticton

It is a beautiful location on Lake Okanagan with views of the water and the mountains.

An ideal spot to celebrate the Creator and His handy-work.

UPDATE June 30th: Festival location, hotel accommodation and reservation information is now available.

Click here to find out more and make your bookings.

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  1. Jeremiah, Jeff and Arata their home-stay student visited Penticton last week to take video footage of the Festival site, the desirable accommodation and the surrounding area and attractions. We should have this and more information about hotel bookings up shortly.