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June 19th, 2011

Jeremiah Patton Biography

Jeremiah Patton, by CGP.



Jeremiah Patton has had an artist’s eye from his earliest years.  Before competing his studies at Vancouver Island University in Graphic design, he took a course in videography that led to the production of a host of videos for commercial clients and the creation of the EJ Hughes documentary, that vividly presents the life and accomplishments of one of Canada’s foremost landscape artists.
Jeremiah has received awards for his artistic endeavours in videography and photography. You can see some of his work on Vimeo.

Jem serves weekly at cogwebcast by doing the camera, sound, and computer work that makes the Sabbath webcast possible. He is also responsible for editing, uploading, and archiving of sermons. He is presently training his younger brother, Jeffrey, to take over the job of doing the scripture tags.

Jeremiah and Josh have worked collaboratively for the past few years to bring the feast “live on the web” to brethren who are unable to otherwise attend. This service has been greatly appreciated by many who are elderly, infirm, or on restricted budgets, as they have had the blessing of sharing in the joy of the fall festival and the spiritual food it offers over the internet.

For the past few years Jem has been responsible for the Feast filming from Penticton, BC. that was aired daily over the web.

In his spare time Jem enjoys doing body-weight exercises, playing acoustic guitar, writing poetry, and creating photographic panoramas. He has an adventurous spirit and will often be found lugging camera and tripod over rough terrain, through valley, under waterfall, and along mountain slopes, to capture that ideal shot.

Jem is a serious bible student and enjoys stimulating discussions about the scripture, current events, and history. He would like nothing more than to preach the gospel through video in a modern format that will engage people of his generation.

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