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June 18th, 2022

The Father — Providing the Foundation of Enduring Societies

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The Foundation of Enduring Societies


Respectful obedience to honourable parents formed the cornerstone in many harmonious, prosperous communities and the foundation of enduring societies.The importance of honouring father and mother was embedded from the beginning in God’s divine directives.

Abram — the exalted Father — was promised the blessing of children, but he did not receive it immediately. It was only after experiencing 24 years of challenges that Abram was blessed miraculously with his son Isaac. But those years of hardship and the challenges of managing a large clan and walking with God in tough times had been a test. Abraham had proven to God that he would be the faithful father (Abraham meant father of many nations) that the Lord wanted to confirm as heir of the everlasting covenant.
One of Abraham’s key qualities was his faithfulness and skill in teaching his children God’s ways. Abraham taught Isaac all the practical skills of caring for a clan and their business and agricultural interests. But more importantly he taught God’s way of life and spiritual values by example. In his epistles, Paul used the example of Abraham, the father of the faithful, to reiterate the importance of children imitating the example of God-fearing fathers in the faith.

What Good Fathers Give

Good fathers, those who are devoted to God,  help their children set priorities, embrace wisdom, and reflect on God’s purpose in life. They strive to emulate their spiritual Father, and teach their own children the love, esteem, and respect for God that will lead to long life. Sometimes along with loving guidance there will need to be times of correction and discipline, just as God our Father disciplines his spiritual children so they can grow to full maturity.

In our presently chaotic and divisive world, fathers need to look to God our Father as the source of those teachings, values, and methods that will build strong families in spite of the negative social climate. Fathers are the leaders who can provide the foundation of enduring societies.

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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.


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