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June 5th, 2022

Pentecost – Living Pure Lives through the Spirit

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Pentecost 2022A Common Thread

The Feast of Pentecost looks forward to the time prophesied by Malachi and it looks back to the giving of the law at Sinai. But there is a common thread. God is looking for the pure in heart to worship him. On occasion, God does break into history as he did when he spoke the commandments from the top of the mountain.  But at the future time prophesied by Malachi, only the pure will be able to face the Lord when he returns to the earth.
So, what is that pure heart that the Lord God appreciates?

Ruth and Naomi

The story of Ruth that is read during Pentecost is one of love and loyalty from a pure heart.  This is the kind of self-sacrificing loving heart that the Lord is looking for in his covenant people, Israelite and Gentile alike. This attribute was established as a community value when God instituted Pentecost and included instruction on providing for the widow, the orphan, and the stranger through the practice of gleaning.

Jesus amplifies this message when teaching his disciples. God’s blessing would be to those who like Ruth and Naomi, were compassionate, pure-hearted, and zealous to do God’s will.
Both John and Paul wrote of the need to be purified — cleansed and refreshed by God’s word in order to bear good fruit. This cleansing comes through the spirit that is poured out on God’s people, so they can have a pure heart and walk in harmony with God having the law written on their hearts and in their minds.

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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.

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