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September 23rd, 2017

Are We Still God’s Treasured People?

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God’s Treasured People?

God's treasured people
As a series of hurricanes rocks coastal areas of the United States, and fires consume vast areas of the West, people begin to wonder if we are still God’s “treasured people.” Some are crying out to God, asking for the prayers of others, as they deal with flood or fire. Yet, others do not see God in the equation at all. What do the scriptures have to say to our time? Is God the same yesterday, today, and forever? And if he is, what does that mean for our nations?

Spiritual Forefathers

Even secularists are willing to admit that there was a time in North America when our Christian Heritage was strong. Yet, many now contend that anthems that ask for “God’s blessing” are outmoded. In their view there is no longer a place in society for the God of the bible. The problem with this attitude is that it does not reflect reality. According to scripture, we have a covenant with God, whether we choose to listen to God, or not. This covenant was made by our forefathers, and effects all of their descendants. So, we are “God’s treasured people.” Our national rejection of God will not change that truth. But the truth has consequences.

Still God’s Treasured People

What are the implications of our covenant? If we as nations do not want to be God’s people, what is the outcome? What challenges will we face when we reject our Maker, the one who sustains, protects, and delivers his people? God says he is able to save the godly, and what of the ungodly? And are we just talking about the physical descendants of Abraham? Or, is God as concerned about those who are descendants of Abraham by faith, his spiritual descendants? Discover what it means to be one of God’s treasured people.

Is Now a Time to Repent?

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