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July 31st, 2022

Restoring the Paths — Repairing the Breaches

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Isaiah’s Message of Hope

The prophet Isaiah wrote to encourage the people of God with a message of hope in restoring the paths and rebuilding the ruins. This was all predicated on the people returning to God and re-establishing justice based on the truth of scripture. History offers us the examples of those who put the pursuit of the truth and doing what was right, ahead of personal ambition or ideology. General Robert E. Lee was such a person, one who was willing to suffer, if need be, to do what was right and honourable. He was willing to act without pride, and to do what was best for his people in suing for peace, instead of pursuing a protracted guerrilla war. What about us? Are we restoring the path and repairing the breaches?

Defining God’s Path

Isaiah understood that those who would repair the breaches in society would need God’s direction and power. Jesus spoke to his disciples of the need to pursue what was righteous — by speaking the truth and living in harmony with God’s laws. The gospel writers contrasted the lifestyle of those who would repair the breach between God and humanity, with those who were self-serving and disobedient, the false teachers. Paul encouraged believers to embrace their role of restoring the paths of God. They needed to be motivated by love and a spirit of service, so they could use God’s wisdom and their spiritual gifts to bring healing — repairing the breaches and rebuilding what had been destroyed.


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