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August 3rd, 2022

Restoring the Path — Reviving the Household of God

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A Great Commission

The church of God is in a state of disrepair as a result of decades of attacks from without and within. This has divided the people of God and limited their effectiveness in performing God’s will. And what is God’s will? Often referred to as the ‘Great Commission,’ the will of God is that his people should ‘teach all nations (ethnic groups) to observe all the things that were commanded in the scriptures.’ And in so doing, they would make more disciples to carry on this work. Christ would be working through his people, generation after generation, and this work would continue to be done until the time of Christ’s return.  So are we working to restore the paths as Christ would desire us to do?

Zerubbabel and the Household of God

Throughout history, the people of God have faced times when the ‘household of God’ has collapsed, and the people have been scattered. So it is no surprise that the scriptures offer advice about how we are to live in such times of uncertainty. In each generation there is a call to return to the active faith that will allow the re-establishment of God’s way of life in the community of believers. The story of Zerubbabel and the return from Babylonian exile offers us many lessons. And we learn from the prophets that just as God gave the ancient Israelites a hope and a future, so God gives his people now an even greater hope and responsibility.


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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.


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