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August 13th, 2016

Law of Moses for Christians: The History

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law of Moses for Christians

Law of Moses for Christians:

The History

Most Christians today believe the Law of Moses has little validity in the modern world. They do not understand the history of this belief, nor do they realize the factors that led mainstream Christian thought to repudiate the Law of Moses for Christians. They have not questioned their belief, nor considered the impact of this belief on their behaviour and the resulting consequences.

But history is instructive, and in looking at the views of Catholic theologians, like Thomas Aquinas, Protestant reformers like Luther and Calvin, and modern dispensationalists, we gain an understanding of why the Law of Moses was rejected and what was substituted in its place. Then the real question becomes one of whether these biblical scholars were faithful in their examination of the biblical record, and what does the bible really say about the Law of Moses for Christians.

Let’s review the words of Jesus Christ, the writings of the apostles, and the legacy of Celtic Christian scripturalists, like Patrick and Pelagius, to consider their views on the importance and relevance of the Law of Moses to Christians who have a new covenant relationship with the Father. What does God through his word, want every believer to know about the Law of Moses for Christians? What is the truth of the matter, as it is the truth that sets us free to worship God as He desires.

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