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May 7th, 2017

Should We Forget the Law of Moses

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forget the law of Moses?

Forget the Law of Moses?

Is the Law of Moses “done away.” The majority report from traditional Christianity would say a resounding, “Yes!” But what do the scriptures say? The issue of grace and law has been debated for centuries, and the majority have been led to believe that grace is all that is needed for believers to be “saved.” But there is the scripturalist view, the minority report. It encourages believers to look carefully at what God says, and to reject tradition that is contrary to biblical teaching. So do you know from God’s perspective, if it is wise to forget the “Law of Moses?”

Grace and Good Works

For the scripturalist grace is given for a purpose. It is not a “love God and do as I will philosophy.” Once freely forgiven we become Christ’s servants. And, in serving Him grace is  the first step reconciling us to God, so we can walk with Him. We are given grace for a reason, so we might be transformed, renewed. But this is a process. Grace allows us to hear, understand, and obey God’s teachings. Christianity is more than a “profession of faith” it is a way of life, and there is a path to walk. There is work to be done! What are those good works that God desires?

We Reap What We Sow

From Genesis to Revelation there is a fundamental biblical principle reiterated by prophets, and apostles alike: You reap as you sow. This is true of individuals, communities, and nations. The Law of Moses provides us the understanding of right and wrong, and thus explains what should be sown to get a good harvest. Malachi, the prophet, wrote of the end of the age and the coming of the Messiah. He warned the wicked that they would reap as they had sown. And he admonishes the righteous to remember something crucial, that will reap benefits for the whole world. Do you know what God tells us to remember? Do you know why it is important?

Law and Lawlessness



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