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November 1st, 2023

Do You have a Generous Spirit?

Videos, by CGP.


A spirit of generosity is an element that has united brethren for millennia, beginning in those very first weeks when the brethren in the Jerusalem church supported those who had travelled from afar with food and lodging. Our generosity towards others is an outgrowth of God’s generosity towards us, for not only has he provided all of our physical benefits but he has given us the great hope of eternal life. Paul in writing to the brethren in Rome, reiterated the vital importance of giving generously in our service to God and to those in our care. He asks us to reflect on whether our spiritual sacrifice reflects that generous spirit in the use of the gifts we have been given. Whether writing to the Corinthians or Ephesians or speaking with the Macedonians or the Greeks in Athen’s his generosity of spirit was evidenced in how he treated the believer and the non-believer. Are we living with a deep appreciation of God’s graciousness towards us and are we living with that same generosity of spirit in our interactions with others? It’s time to consider how we can better reflect God’s nature in this matter.

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