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November 4th, 2023

Attached to God — The Remedy for Separation

Videos, by CGP.


Are we ‘attached’ to God and what does this mean in daily life? Gordon Neufeld, an inspiring speaker has proposed a developmental model for human growth based on the power of attachment of children to nurturing parents. This model is also useful in considering our spiritual parent, our Father, and our relationship to him as his children. Just as children attach to parents and family life, so God’s children are in a deep and abiding, lifelong relationship with him. We need to be close to God, imitating his actions, loyal to his values, feeling loved and appreciated, and knowing that God understands our deepest yearning. And yet. there are times when we misstep, derail, and fall short of God’s expectations for us. What then? Is God only there for us when we please him? Or does God provide a remedy to bridge those things that separate us from God?
Consider this powerful hope that we have in God’s grace and mercy, so we can continue to walk with him even after we have stumbled. And then consider the implications for family life and mending relationships between parents and children.

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