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February 24th, 2018

Authentic Gospel Messiah Will Return

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Messiah Will Return

Handel’s Messiah concludes with words from Job who lived four thousand years ago. Job prophesied, “I know my redeemer lives and he will stand on the earth in the latter days.” Job was convinced that long after his death he would witness this event with his own eyes. He was angered by his friend’s threats, because he knew that God was just. Job was confident of a bright future because his redeemer, the Messiah will return. He knew he had a redeemer — someone who would pay his debt, a debt that he could not pay. And this gave Job hope and assurance, for it was God who was his surety!

God our Redeemer and Messiah

The kinsmen-redeemer of scripture, the goel, is one of the Messiah’s roles. The Lord God demonstrated his compassion as a redeemer when he saw the oppression of his people in Egypt. He sent Moses as his redeemer and freed Israel from slavery. Through God’s grace he delivered them so they could be his people and walk with Him. The Messiah acts as the kinsman-redeemer to all those held captive by sin. He paid the penalty of death in their stead, redeeming them so they could live renewed lives. There is no immortal soul that lives beyond death. So, we all need our kinsman-redeemer in order to have the hope of eternal life.

When Messiah Returns

Today, there is a battle for our minds. We have an accuser whose desire is for our destruction. Yet, we have hope of victory over our enemy because we have a redeemer. The Messiah, who intercedes on our behalf before the court of heaven. When he returns death will be “swallowed up in victory.” Those who “sleep” the sleep of death, and are written in the book of life, will be raised to immortal life. They will be truly “born again!” Having shed their corruptible bodies, they will be clothed with immortality! This is the authentic gospel message of Handel’s Messiah. Those who anticipate the Messiah’s return have this hope.

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