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February 18th, 2018

Authentic Gospel — Messiah the Son of God

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Messiah The Son of God

Handel’s Messiah imparts the understanding of the Messiah’s relationship to the Most High. It is that of beloved Son to his Father. And Messiah the Son of God has an inheritance — this world.  From the beginning, it was the Father’s intent that the Messiah should claim his inheritance. His coming would be a blessing to all nations. His rule as King in Zion would herald a time of peace and freedom. But he was not honoured when he came the first time. Will he be welcomed when he comes to claim the throne that is rightfully his?

Why Do the Nations Rage?

Prophecy concludes that when Messiah the Son of God returns as King of Kings, the nations will rage against him. Why? Just as in the Messiah’s first coming, the worldly leaders and religious authorities will be infuriated. Fearful of losing their power and prestige, jealousy and hatred will motivate them to reject their Deliverer. They will rail against the Messiah’s teaching, as if they were chains of bondage. Their slave mentality, they  will not recognize the fundamentals of true freedom. These scoffers will not be willing to listen to or obey the Messiah.

The Son will Receive his Kingdom

The yearning of every follower of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is for His return. He will establish his Kingdom on the earth. It will be a time when God’s spirit will be poured out. A time when the Lord God, Messiah the Son of God, will dwell among men. All those who love his coming and submit to his authority will rejoice. The Father will give the Messiah, the nations, as his inheritance. And the saints will rule with him in his everlasting Kingdom. All the saints and the angelic host will sing the anthem, “Hallelujah! Our God reigns!” What a message of awesome hope as sung in Handel’s Messiah.

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