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May 4th, 2019

God’s Endgame for the Saints – Road to Pentecost

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Kingdom of GodGod’s Epic Story of Triumph

Our world has an appetite for epic stories of triumph over the forces of darkness and evil. “Endgame” is a recent example which brings to mind the question, “What is God’s endgame for his saints?” It is certainly an even greater thriller than one that can be imagined by Hollywood. And it too is a story of the triumph of light over darkness, and the truth over lies and deception. It is a tale of spiritual powers locked in battle for the cosmos, and the eventual overthrow of the great deceiver. But there is more to the story.

That Great Endgame Conflict

The book of Revelation describes this life and death conflict. It illuminates the fate of those saints, the believers who overcome and fight valiantly and faithfully until death. So that in spite of persecution they obey God and preserve the testimony of Christ. In a time of great political upheaval, the book reveals that God will intervene. The ‘Word of God’ will judge and wage war against the forces of evil that are destroying the earth. And he will preserve his saints who have suffered persecution and resisted the darkness.

Are We Preparing for the Endgame?

In God’s Endgame some will rejoice, while others will be destroyed. Some will have produced good fruit, while others will be unfruitful like the weed-choked vineyard of Isaiah’s account. God’s plan is to reward those who love justice, and to destroy the lawless.
With this in mind we are cautioned to pray and use our calling as Ambassadors of Christ to show God’s goodness. Then we will be among those who rejoice at the return of the Messiah, our redeemer. When his presence shakes the earth, we will not need to fear.

Know Our Source of Power

Christ is portrayed as the “fruitful vine” and we are the branches. So in order to bear fruit we must remain a part of the vine. In this way Christ will provide the nourishment: the goals, the motivation, the guidance, and power to bear the fruit he desires.
This deep abiding relationship, our covenant union with Christ, is symbolized in the cup of wine that we take at Passover. Christ will not drink it again until the time of God’s endgame – when the Father’s Kingdom comes.

The Saints Inheritance

The prophet Daniel envisioned that time yet future. A time when the Son of Man will be given the kingdoms of the world by the Ancient of Days. And, the saints, those who have faithfully trusted and served God will inherit the earth and rule with Christ. The end result of this transition in government will be a transformation of the world. God’s endgame will nullify the powers of darkness and destroy those who have destroyed the earth. And the saints will become children of God, perfected in character, and liberated from the fear of death – thanos. The reality will be so much greater than the fantasy of scriptwriters. For, those who overcome, those who are victorious, will inherit a new heaven and a new earth and dwell with God for eternity.
God’s endgame will be glorious beyond anything we can imagine!

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