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May 20th, 2018

Pentecost 2018 – Spirit of Power and Promise

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Feast of Firstfruits - Shavuoth

A New World is Coming – a Vision for Pentecost

Is a better world coming? If we believe the prophesies of Isaiah, we have hope of a new world in the future. But this world will not come until God’s spirit is poured out on all people. This change will not come until the Messiah returns. It will come when the Spirit of the Lord, the spirit of knowledge and wisdom and righteousness, rules with justice and fairness. And, the Spirit of power transforms the very nature of the animal kingdom — so they will no longer hurt or destroy. A time of transformation is coming. Are you preparing for that time?

When Messiah Comes in the Spirit of Power

The Messiah will not rule alone. There will be princes ruling at his side — selfless rulers who will be a refuge and security for the people. They will usher in a time of peace, prosperity, and safety. Where will they come from? How will they qualify to rule with Christ? They are the ones who have heeded the voice of God’s spirit through the centuries. They have walked with God in the midst of a corrupt society and have prevailed. They have overcome themselves, and the worldly distractions and temptations through God’s spirit of power. So they will rule as kings and priests with Christ our Messiah, for they have followed in his footsteps heeding the voice of the Spirit.

Outpouring of the Spirit of Power

Luke’s account of Pentecost in the book of Acts is a vivid portrayal of the outpouring of the spirit of power upon the disciples. The rushing wind, tongues of fire, speaking in many languages, and healing of the infirm were evidence of the Spirit’s power to accomplish God’s purpose. The Spirit of power gave the disciples boldness to speak for God. It enabled them to oppose the religious authorities and bear beatings and incarceration joyfully. But the ultimate fulfillment of the outpouring of God’s spirit is yet future. For those who have the “earnest of the spirit” who are guaranteed the promise of eternal life and an inheritance with Christ there is a glorious future. As children of the Father and joint heirs with Christ, we share the spirit of sonship.

The whole world is waiting for that future time when God’s children will begin their work of restoration of all things through the power of the spirit. Will you be there?

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