COG Webcast

  • M Kennedy17

    good job papa!! …is there any way i could put some of these sermons onto a disk?? so i could give them to other family members who dont have internet?

    • Visit our Vimeo channel ( and select the sermon you want to download. Under the subtitle “about this video” you’ll find a link “download this video” … select it and once it’s done downloading you can burn it to disk.

      • thanks…but for some reason i cant see any subtitle saying about this video…=S where is it??

        • ( ) contains all our videos, you can find “disconnected” in the list or here’s the direct link: ( )
          When in the individual video’s page (see the direct link) look to the lower right side of the page for the subheading “About this video” it is found over a black/dark tray bar.

          Right click the “download this video” link and save it to disk. And it should start downloading.