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November 26th, 2023

War or Peace – What is Your Vision for the Future?

Videos, by CGP.


War or Peace? Our world longs for peace and a way out of misery, suffering and death. But is the world willing to make the changes necessary to eradicate war and promote peace? Are there too many people in the world who love war and hate peace? Are there those whose conflicting passions, envy, selfishness and evil deeds make war the natural consequence? The Lord God, the Word of God, makes it clear that there is no peace for the wicked, it is merely a matter of cause and effect.
The story of Jehu and his overthrow of Ahab’s dynasty is a case in point. It is self-deception to think that idolatry, murder, and deceit can produce anything but conflict — war! Yet the scriptures give us more than warnings of future warfare it also give us hope of future peace. This vision of peace is taught from Genesis to Revelation and the prophecies of a future time of peace are promises made by the God who never lies and is ever-faithful.
Do you know what the scripture teaches in regards to how peace will be achieved and the scourge of war will end? And have you considered how these prophecies are meant to impact our daily lives, giving us hope and providing us with wisdom to walk in peace now?
Let’s search the scriptures together to understand God’s mind on the matter of war or peace.

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