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August 27th, 2022

Temptation — Don’t Give Way to What is Wrong

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Temptation – Enticement to Sin

The apostle Paul wrote that temptation was something common to all human experience. But that it could be resisted by those who put their trust in God. He would faithfully provide the help needed to endure without yielding to temptation.
Interestingly, Paul tied resisting temptation into the concept of fleeing from idolatry. This can be understood in its broadest sense when we realize that anything that is more important to us than God and his way is an ‘idol.’

Recently, we have experienced the heavy hand of the state that demands obedience and a kind of religious zeal to meet its mandates. The state in many countries has persecuted religious people, especially Christians. Why? The state understands that faithful Christians will reject the state’s control in favour of obedience to God. For the Christian it is God who establishes the nature of reality and delineates right from wrong. So Christians, though they may be tempted to do so, will not bow to state pressures that contravene God’s commands.

Temptation -Stand Firm against Coercion

The world is being divided into those who are willing to be good citizens of the  state and those who rely on God for their values and beliefs. And just as Lot was led out of Sodom by God, there may come a time when God may need to deliver us physically from trials and temptations that we might face in society. In the meantime, we are to be shrewd and wise, as sheep among wolves — not easily discouraged or overwhelmed by the temptations of our world. Temptation is a spiritual battle, but God will provide his armour so we can stand firm and not compromise our integrity. We must cling to God’s word as our lifeline and put it into action to produce a good harvest.


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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.


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