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December 11th, 2016

Godly Loyalty in Leadership or Society’s Mould

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Our Leadership Role Model

Chanukah, the national festival of dedication, teaches lessons of godly loyalty in leadership. But most Christians do not know these lessons. They are unaware of Jesus’ message at this time of year. Scripture makes it plain that we are to imitate Christ, patterning our lives after his example of godly loyalty in leadership. There will be a reward for all of those who are called into a covenant relationship with the Father. For if we follow Christ’s righteous example of leadership, we will be co-inheritors with him. How do we prepare for this future?

Our Calling to Leadership

Following in Christ’s footsteps, we too, are to become living sacrifices. We are warned not to be pressed into the shape or mould of the society around us. We must stand up against the wrongs of our time. We must exercise our conscience as educated by the scriptures, to know what is right, and to do it. This may put us into conflict with society as the “laws of the land” may not be in accord with God’s word. So we must exercise loyalty and wisdom, knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

Standing Against the Mighty

Jesus spoke to the people in the temple during the Feast of Dedication, reminding them of lessons from the past. At the time of the Maccabees foreign invaders had polluted the temple. They were aided by treacherous, disloyal leaders who were compromising biblical values. Adopting the hellenistic lifestyle, they were moulding themselves to societal pressures for personal gain, power, and prestige. Only the few were examples of godly loyalty in leadership.

Historical Event — Prophetic Implications

The prophet Daniel writing of this event spoke of the reprobate leaders, the compromising pragmatists, who were corrupted by flatteries. But he also wrote of the loyalty of the few who knew God, and had the courage to speak against the mighty. In speaking of the end of the present age, Jesus likened coming events to those of the time of the Maccabees. He counsels his leaders to faithfully resist evil, to stand in the gap, and to rally all those who love the truth. The Feast of Dedication continues to be a time of renewal, renovation, and rededication to godly loyalty in leadership.

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